Rail-Yard Run’s Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Choo, choo!

Rail-Yard Run Yoshi's Crafted World Guide

Sunshine Station presents humble beginnings for Yoshi’s Crafted World — with only one level in Rail-Yard Run, it’s only natural Yoshi’s first venture is a walk in the park. Regardless, in case you’ve overlooked a Red Coin or two, we’ve cataloged every one of this train yard’s scraps in Red Coins, Poochy Pups, Smiley Flowers, and Souvenirs!

Red Coins

Rail-Yard Run Yoshi's Crafted World Guide

Not long after you begin, you’ll notice this a conspicuous tear unveiling three coins. Simply walk through the cardboard hill to grab ’em (3/20). Journey onward, and you’ll find a collection of coins floating near a plastic cup; jump up to nab three more. (6/20)

Continue on, and a big blue present lying in the background should eventually catch your attention. Fire an egg and you’ll bop it open, unleashing a torrent of coins, including a red one! (7/20) Go down towards to stumble across three Shy Guys carrying coins in the foreground. Aim for the middle dude! (8/20)

Make your way into the town, go down, and stroll straight ahead to discover three more foreground Shy Guys — fire at will! (11/20) Now you’ll be circling around the town counter-clockwise to assault innocent Shy Guys for their hard-earned dough — beginning from the blue one in the white home (12/20), the yellow one within the orange-brown building by the tracks (13/20), and the green/blue guys within the opposing red home. (15/20) 

Once you’ve finished your dark deed, enter the orange-brown building between the two school buses, ascend to the rooftop, and jump above the clothesline to discover a hidden cloud! Toss an egg to earn your last five coins. (20/20)

Smiley Flowers

rail-yard run yoshi's crafted world guiderail-yard run yoshi's crafted world guide

While the number of Smiley Flowers varies from stage to stage, Rail-Yard Run only features five to ease us in. None are very difficult to find — as seen above, you’ll find the first one on a platform above those floating red coins. (1/5) Next, another Smiley Flower’s moved into a blue home next to a familiar blue present — fire an egg to capture it! (2/5)

When you enter town, take the lower path and keep an eye out for a gift-shaped building within the center. (3/5) Fire away to reveal a Smiley Flower (and a new yellow tape shortcut!). Then, climb the apartment rooftops and cross over to the tower, where the fourth Smiley Flower will be waiting. (4/5) Finally, once you’ve assembled the train, simply hop aboard and wait for the plain-sight flower. (5/5) Easy pickings!

Poochy Pups

rail-yard run yoshi's crafted world guide

Our first Poochy Pup exercise is a breeze — as you pull into the station, a Poochy Pup will make a mad dash for the streets. Simply head up to collect the little bugger; he won’t run. Promise. Move on and you’ll spot another puppy dashing between the bushes — knock those down for an easier time. Finally, you’ll locate the last pup where the first red coins were: within the jelly bean box tear.

Not much strategy for the time attack, really. Just think of it as a dry run.


rail-yard run yoshi's crafted world guide

Cole Blockafeller unloads a number of fetch quests: five cows, five milk bottles, and a paper airplane. We won’t bother with that last one since it’s, like, in plain sight, but we’ll provide locations for the others. Remember: they’re obtained throwing eggs!

Cows: Your first two cows are found grazing immediately after the level starts. Continue on, and the third cow can be found lounging by the waterfall. The last two cows are found separated by the railroad crossing. Do you think it hurts as their motionless papercraft tumble away?

Milk Bottles: As you pull into the station via Flipside, you’ll find three milk bottles in town. Leave, and as you reach the checkpoint, you’ll spot another bottle resting by a carton of Moo Moo Meadows milk. You’ll round off this search by trekking on and spotting a distant bottle resting within tape rolls.

And that’s a wrap! Give us a holler below if you have any questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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