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one piece volume 89 review

One Piece Vol. 89 Review

It’s almost over! Another One Piece volume, another escapade courtesy of the Whole Cake Island saga. As confirmed previously, no, Volume 89 doesn’t conclude Big Mom’s Straw Hat pursuit, but fret not: not only do things actually happen, said chase is finally winding down. The One Piece fan’s mileage…
metro exodus

Metro Exodus Review (Xbox One)

Metro Exodus Review: A Brave New World   Metro Exodus takes 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic franchise out of the dark, foreboding depths of the underground and into the once-great outdoors, albeit with mixed results. No longer confined to dreary tunnels, Artyom’s latest adventure transplants the tense gunplay and survival elements…
reggie fils aime

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Retiring This April

End of an era. Our bodies weren’t ready — Reggies Fils-Aime, the personable president of Nintendo of America, will be retiring from his position April 15th at the age of 57. Citing wishes to spend time with family, Reggie will cede leadership to Doug Bowser, the branch’s current Senior…
yoshi's island DS

US Government “Borrowed” Yoshi’s Island DS Music For EPA Flash Game (Update: EPA Responds!)

You thought Yoshi’s tax fraud was bad? Over the past year, Yoshi’s nefarious tax feud with the IRS has captivated the public, with traces of his economic anxiety documented as far back as 2011’s Fortune Street. However, as seen in a shocking report by Mario preservation site Forest of…

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Slashes into Steam this Summer

Cameo fighters to make appearances as well     Square Enix has announced that Million Arthur: Arcana Blood will be releasing on Steam later this year. Arcana Blood is an over-the-top 2D fighter, featuring an all-new story, over 40 Million Arthur Fan favorites, and cameo characters “Otherworldly Riesz”, from Seiken Densetsu 3, “Otherworldly…

Fate/Extella Link Brings Glory to PC and Consoles March 19

Pre-order DLC confirmed as well     XSEED Games has announced that Fate/Extella Link will be arriving next month, on March 19. And, while a month may seem like a long wait for some, you might end up needing that extra time to decide which version of the game to…

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