Monthly Archives: January 2019

Double Cross to be Released for Nintendo Switch and PC

Double Cross to be Released This January 13AM Games, creators of Runbow, have announced the launch date of their new project Double Cross. The new game is an action-adventure game that will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC from January 10th. The game follows Zahra, a peacekeeping agent of…

Batalj Closed Beta Extended Through January

Fall Damage Studio Extends Beta for Batalj   Swedish game developers Fall Damage Studio have announced this week that they will be extending the Closed Beta on the project Batalj until the end of this month. Batalj is an online action turn-based strategy game, with players battling together one-on-one.…

Rebellion Takes Over TickTock Games

TickTock Games Joins Rebellion for 2019   2019 has gotten off to a good start for UK-based indie developer and publisher Rebellion, who have announced today their acquisition of games studio TickTock Games. TickTock Games is a Yorkshire-based games developer and publisher founded by Arden Aspinall, Jonathan Wright, and…
zelda minus world

The Legend of Zelda Minus World Discovered

Spooky stuff! Super Mario Bros.‘s “Minus World”  — a bizarro underwater dimension accessed from the underground 1-2 level  — is perhaps gaming’s most famous glitch, but did you know other classic NES games have Minus Worlds of their own? According to YouTuber SKELUX, coded safety measures were implemented to…

Iris.Fall Review (PC)

Falling for Iris     Brevity, as they say, is the soul of wit. It’s a sign of eloquence to be able to say more with fewer words. Iris.Fall takes this maxim to the extreme by telling a completely wordless story about a girl living in an orphanage awoken…
momotaro dentetsu creator

Momotaro Dentetsu Creator Survives Heart Attack

Some good news to kick-off the New Year! Ever hear of Momotaro Dentetsu? Unless you live in Japan or are a hardcore import buff, you probably haven’t, and things can get downright confusing  considering the series was derived from another Hudson-born RPG series named Momotaro Densetsu (notice the switched…

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