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hd light gun

Hyperkin Developing HD Light Gun Support For NES

Hyper Blaster HD will be exclusive to NES. A common woe among retro gaming fans is that light guns — specifically, the NES Zapper — aren’t compatible with HD televisions, but Californian hardware developer Hyperkin might solve that little problem. As reported by Destructoid, the Hyper Blaster HD —…
my hero academia volume 16 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 16 Review

Red Riot Strikes! So, uh, awkward confession from yours truly: for whatever reason, components of My Hero Academia in everything from character deaths to cast members  slip from memory easily — can you believe there was a time I forgot Tokoyami existed? — and having read through Volume 16…

Breach Introduces Elementalist Class

Bend the elements to your will!     Developer QC games has confirmed the appearance of the Elementalist class in their upcoming game Breach. Akin to the classic spellcaster classes of yore, the Elementalist utilizes elements of nature, such as fire, wind, water, and ice, and more, in order to…

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Executes Launch on January 11

Experience classic Hitman titles like never before     Hitman series fans are in for a treat this month, as Warner Bros. Interactive and IO Entertainment have announced that Hitman HD Enhanced Collection will be releasing later this month. A remaster of Hitman: Blood Money, and Hitman: Absolution, the HD Enhanced Collection will allow…

RPG Maker MV Release Delayed

Development issues cited     Those wanting to test their RPG-making chops might just have to wait a little bit longer to do so, as NIS America has announced that RPG Maker MV, the latest in the long-running RPG Maker series, has been delayed. Little information is currently available in regard…
pikmin 2 totaka's song

New Totaka’s Song Unearthed in Pikmin 2

That wily scoundrel! Any Nintendo historian worth their salt is surely familiar with the Totaka’s Song easter egg. Ever since composer Kazumi Totaka began writing music for Nintendo with the Japan-only Game Boy game X, he’s hidden a light 19-note melody deep within nearly every game he’s ever written…

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