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First Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC ‘The Forge’ to Release on November 13

New missions, temples, co-op challenges, and more are on their way     Square Enix has announced that the Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC “The Forge” will be releasing next month. The first of seven new DLC adventures, The Forge will take players to the now lava-flooded Forge of the fallen…

Kingdom Hearts -The Story So Far- to Release on October 30

The most comprehensive Kingdom Hearts Collection to date is almost here     Square Enix has announced that they will be releasing Kingdom Hearts -The Story So Far- later this month. Setting itself up to be the most comprehensive Kingdom Hearts collection to date, -The Story So Far– will allow players to play…

The Conjuring House Review (PC)

A house you feel like you’ve visited before     “The Conjuring House is like trying to find your car keys, glasses and remote control for hours while some asshole occasionally yells “boo!” in your ear” was what I complained to our Editor-in-Chief Francis DiPersio after he had tasked…
new switch

WSJ: New Switch Model May Arrive in 2019

Had to happen sooner or later. Looks like it’s that time already, folks: according to The Wall Street Journal, Japanese suppliers have reported a new version of Nintendo Switch will launch sometime in 2019’s latter half. Implied to preserve its consistent sales, Nintendo is apparently still considering what new software/hardware…
xenoblade chronicles 2 patch

Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Is Hiring For A New RPG Project

Monolith Soft is seeking planners, artists, designers, management, and more for a new role-playing game. Could this be Xenoblade Chronicles 3?   Tokyo-based developer Monolith Soft, the studio behind the Xenoblade series, is hiring staff for the creation of a new role-playing game project. Gematsu reports that the studio…

Celebrated 1980s Video Game Composer Ben Daglish Has Died

Daglish composed the music for 8-bit classics The Last Ninja, Deflektor, Trap, Cobra, and more Ben Daglish, the video game composer responsible for some of the most unforgettable tunes to grace the 8-bit computer scene in the 1980s, has died following a battle with lung cancer. He was 52…

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