WARNING: Kingdom Hearts III Leaking a Month Ahead; Early Copies Out in Wild

Our advice: Stay away from YouTube.
kingdom hearts III leak

Thought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaking two weeks ahead of launch was bad? Try early copies of Kingdom Hearts III being shared over a month before release! Slated for launch January 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the hotly-anticipated Square-Enix/Disney crossover has been subject to gameplay footage and spoiler-heavy cutscene being shared on social media. We won’t share such footage here, but should you desire to jump in, TheNerdMag‘s write-up features videos and pics of the forbidden fruit.

How exactly did this happen? Unlike Smash, it’s still too soon for retailers to possess copies of the game, and the truth may be far scummier than breaking street dates. As noted in TheNerdMag, an unknown individual has utilized ties from a Square-Enix/game production insider to nab him unsold Xbox One copies of Kingdom Hearts III, and he sold at least 30 copies at 100$ a piece via a now-deleted Facebook marketplace. That’s downright theft!

We expect legal ninjas from Square-Enix and Disney to take care of these goons, but in the meantime, what can you do to avoid spoilers? For starters, we highly suggest avoiding YouTube — while we’re certain Square/Disney will squash any relevant footage, some sneaky uploads will surely squeak by, and veterans of the video-sharing site are surely familiar with spoiler-plastered thumbnails of final bosses and whatnot. Limiting Twitter use may also be a safe bet, and take care of navigating around spoiler threads in forums such as ResetERA.

Just five more weeks, people — Kingdom Hearts III has been in the pipeline for thirteen years. We can wait just a bit longer!

Will you be taking the effort to dodge this Kingdom Hearts III leak? Let us know in the comments below!

Anthony Pelone
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