Fighting EX Layer To Receive 3 New Characters Next Year

3 new characters, gameplay tweaks planned for Fighting EX Layer from January through May 2019

Fighting EX Layer


Fighting Ex Layer developer Arika today released a new trailer detailing the game’s upcoming DLC schedule. The updates, which begin in January and run through May of 2019, will introduce three new characters along with a number of adjustments to the game’s balancing and attack systems.

The developer plans to release one of the game’s three new characters starting in March to coincide with Taito’s upcoming Toushinsai 2019 fighting game tournament in Japan. Afterward, the company plans to release the next two characters by the end of May. As of the time of this writing, they have yet to decide if these additions to the roster will be released simultaneously or not. While these characters have yet to be named, the company previously announced that Area, from Street Fighter EX2 Plus, and Sharon, first introduced in Street Fighter EX2 would be joining the fray along with Terry of The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury fame. However, it’s worth noting that only Sharon and Terry, in the form of a still image, are shown in the accompanying trailer (along with a funky remix of Terry’s theme, no less).

Two of the new characters will be free to download from the PlayStation Store, while the remaining one, presumably Terry, will be released as paid DLC.

“Releasing characters for free on our development budget is a very risky bet,” the developer said in the trailer. “We are glad if you forgive us for taking the time to do so.”

Here’s the full update schedule courtesy of Arika’s YouTube channel:

“▼Early January 2019 Schedule
Planning to have an update: mainly fixing arcade version.
Attacks and systems will be adjusted slightly.

▼Mid-February 2019 Schedule
It is one month before “Toushinsai -闘神祭-“, but we are planning to take the courage to have a game adjustment. (Details are yet to be determined.)
Planning to add music.

▼Late March 2019 Schedule
Plan to release 1 additional character for free.”

Will you be cracking some skulls with Fighting EX Layer’s new characters next year? If so, which new addition to the roster are you most excited for? Personally, I can’t wait to serve up some fresh Buster Wolfs with Terry Bogard. Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Fighting EX Layer is now available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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