Fans and Original Sonic Staff React Negatively to Sonic Movie Posters

Can Sonic ever catch a break?
sonic movie reaction


So yeah, that Sonic movie’s everyone dreadin-er, I mean, anticipating? A teaser trailer/poster for Paramount’s adaption came out the other day, and boy, people aren’t having it. Not that twenty years of an unbelievably mismanaged property would inspire confidence into the dreaded game-movie adaption, but with a second poster spotted in a theater, they’re…well, as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words:

sonic movie reaction


“Sonic wuz here,” indeed. From the unnaturally toned, human-esque legs to the teaser video‘s inaccurate ring sound, the internet’s certainly been picking apart these nebulous ads with bemused horror. Personally speaking, I like to think I’m a “wait and see” kinda guy, but I admit not even an IGN interview with the film’s producers grants me much hope. Producer Neal Mortiz and Executive Producer Tim Miller discuss how they adapted a CGI Sonic into a real-life setting in presenting realistic his fur, modern shoes, and non-cartoonish eyes. Apparently, SEGA wasn’t entirely happy with that last one, although our only hint is a bulging pupil from the first poster.

Regardless, let’s not forget how the internet’s gone to town:

We apologize for any use of eye bleach, but it doesn’t end there: believe it or not, Sonic developers ranging all the way back to the original Sonic the Hedgehog have commented on the initial poster and its negative reaction. GoNintendo has collected translations from a Japanese Sonic fan, but here’s a translation from our friends at Source Gaming for Yuji Naka, former Sonic Team head and co-creator of Sonic.

He’s got a point there. Other Sonic-involved staff had similar misgivings: Sonic’s designer Naoto Oshima disapproves of the realistic direction, Sonic Unleashed character designers Gurihiru — a two-artist team — expressed apprehension, and writer/designer Shiro Maekawa simply laughed at the design/the ensuing reaction. We should note this tweet by designer/producer Shun Nakamura has been interpreted as speechlessness, but as seen in a later tweet, he appears to be looking forward the film’s release.

Regardless, members of the film’s staff have spoken out since the teaser’s arrival, namely writer Patrick Casey and storyboard artist Douglas Olsen. Note the juxtaposition in response.

What a doozy — what can we possibly expect from this movie? Will it be so bad it’s good, or defy all odds and be a runaway success with both fans and SEGA alike? Can Ben Schwarz and Jim Carrey respectively bring Sonic and Dr. Eggman to life? All this and more will be revealed upon the film’s release next November, but in the meantime, let us know what you think of this craziness in the comments below!

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