Farewell Sony! I’m Loyal to the Experience, Not the Platform.

Benny Carrillo bids adieu to Sony following sweeping changes to the company’s censorship policies

Farewell Sony | Header

Over 10 years of niche gaming PlayStation greatness. From the PS2 to the PS4. This was the reason Sony was so successful.


My first PlayStation system was one of the large PS2’s that was given to me by a friend. While I no longer have that system, it was the start of my relationship with Sony’s platform. Sure, I had played the PS1 at a friend’s house here and there, but I was firmly a Nintendo kid.

I had an NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. I stayed with Nintendo mainly due to its strong franchises and a lack of my own money to buy other platforms. However, that PS2 opened my horizons. This was around the time I was starting to look up more about my favorite series online and learned there were more Mega Man X games after X3 and learned about Kingdom Hearts. I wanted to experience these titles and these new stories. And I was not disappointed.


Farewell Sony | Iris' Death

Sure, some may find this iconic scene cheesy. But for many of us, it was also an emotionally moving moment. Even TV Tropes agrees.


While many poke fun at it, Zero and Iris’ romance in Mega Man X4 left a huge impact on me. The idea of a machine that could “think, feel and make their own decisions” was finally driven home. What Mega Man X1 tried to explain, was brought to life on the PlayStation. The same can be said for Kingdom Hearts. It opened my eyes the idea of a crossover. That two distinct and different universes could come together and coexist while telling a compelling story. And that’s only the start of my PlayStation experience.

The PlayStation 2 was the console that brought me Super Robot Wars Z. The first title I ever imported. It was the system that gave us the underrated Mega Man X8. Which while not perfect, was still a blast. And it was the system that had the definitive edition of Sakura Wars: So Long My Love. A game that proved console visual novels could be amazing. These were experiences you couldn’t find on a Nintendo console. You couldn’t find them on the original Xbox. These were PlayStation experiences. Japanese games were the bread and butter of Sony’s console. And it’s a trend that continues to this day.


Farewell Sony | Sakura Wars

While Sakura Wars: So Long My Love was already an amazing game, one could argue that the PS2’s Premium package was the definitive version of this title.

When the Seventh Generation of Video Game Consoles came around, I bought a Wii first. While there were games I enjoyed on the console, I didn’t find it all that satisfying. The next console I bought was an Xbox 360 namely because that’s what my friends had. Plus, games like Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Tales of Vesperia were things I wanted to play. However, once again, there were experiences I could only find on PlayStation. So, I bought a PlayStation 3.

Tales of Graces F, the Neptunia franchise, Disgaea 3, Another Century’s Episode: R, Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F. These games drove me to the platform and kept me there. In fact, I bought that PlayStation 3 specifically because I wanted to play Valkyria Chronicles and it did not disappoint. These amazing developers gave me the confidence to buy a launch-day 3G enabled Vita because I knew there would be great games coming in the future. And again, the Vita did not let me down.


Farewell Sony | Vita First Edition

My launch day 3G-enabled Vita. Sure, the 3G aspect of the system was a bust, but that was the power of Sony. I knew there would be great games on the system and I was not disappointed.

From the continuing adventures in the Neptunia franchise; to the suspenseful horror of Corpse Party; to the battle of hope and despair that is Danganronpa. Whether it was Idea Factory International, XSEED Games, NIS America, or any other niche localizer there was always something for me to buy and play.

Heck, this was the platform that showed me how deep SENRAN KAGURA’s story was with Shinovi Versus. It was this system that gave us the underappreciated turn-based strategy gem Hyperdevotion Noire, and it was home to one of the first Asian-English releases with Moe Chronicle. Again, Sony had experiences you couldn’t find anywhere else. These games weren’t on the Wii U, the 3DS, or mobile. You had to come to PlayStation to experience them. So, of course, the PlayStation 4 would be just as amazing, right?

Farewell Sony | Katsuragi - Senran Kagura

While SENRAN KAGURA is often seen by many as nothing more than an excuse for fanservice, it does have a deep plot. Which is something I’ve written about before.

It was, and it’s the only console I’ve bought twice. Once for the regular PS4 and again to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. It’s the system I bought my Bravia 4K TV for in fact. I wanted to enjoy these awesome experiences to their fullest. I even bought a PSVR once Idea Factory International showed me the VR scenes in Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. Japanese-niche titles were the thing that kept me firmly in the PlayStation nation. Even while many of these titles were getting Steam or Nintendo Switch ports, I kept buying the PS4 version. I enjoyed the platform and I enjoyed grinding out platinum trophies. Something I’ve been hard at work this year.

To date, I have 33 to my name, with 16 of those being earned this year. The majority of which are from the Neptunia franchise and other Idea Factory International games. With some platinum trophies taking easily over 50 hours. Sure, it was a lot of grinding, but I enjoyed it. Not only was I clearing some unique games, but it was a mark of honor. I had played these games to completion and in the case of Omega Quintet joined a select few who had actually accomplished such a task. In fact, I was already planning out my platinum runs for next year.


Farewell Sony | PlayStation Trophy List

My trophy totals on PSN. This year alone I’ve obtained 16 Platinums. Trillion will be the last one I do for a while.

The possibilities were endless. Between the PS3, PS4, and Vita I had well over 60 games I could choose from. Would I try and finish my backlog of XSEED Games’ titles? Perhaps I should finish the Danganronpa franchise instead. Or, I could start tracking down the various visual novels that had been finally coming out on the system. Games like 428: Shibuya Scramble, Root Letter, or the upcoming Steins;Gate Elite. I felt fairly confident I’d be a member of the PlayStation family for a long time. Then things changed.

Sony decided to enact a new policy. One that, I personally feel, does more harm to developers than good. And there’s no bigger example of that than how the changes to SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal were handled. Sony, forcing a localizer to make changes to a localized title right before launch is pretty low. This wasn’t an in-house developed title being submitted for a final content check. This was a game that was released in Japan in February of this year. Considering the content of the game, I’m fairly certain XSEED Games and Marvelous Entertainment would have been upfront with Sony over the course of the localization process. Changing the standards by which games are approved right before the release of such a major title, puts a lot of stress and financial burden on localizers. Many of which are small operations. And this was only the start of things.

Farewell Sony | XSEED's Statement

The Tweet that was arguably clued the niche gaming community in that things were not well at Sony and that the PlayStation platform was about to undergo a massive shift.

Thanks to visual novel developer light we caught a glimpse of another aspect of Sony’s new policy. Apparently, Japanese developers are required to submit games to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) for content inspection, even for games that will only be released in Japan. In addition, the developer is forced to submit it’s application and answer all questions in English. To me, this hints a Western branch of SIE is handling these content inspections. Which is where I really have an issue.

While one could make a case that Burst Re:Newal caught SIE by surprise, this is just in poor taste. A Western entity may be deciding what content is and is not appropriate for a Japanese audience. While there are valid arguments that can be made as to what content is and is not appropriate. I’ll argue that discussion needs to take place amongst the Japanese people. If a change needs to be made, it needs to come from within. Otherwise, all you’re doing is giving the publishers and developers in Japan a very valid reason to leave your platform. Just like I am.


Farewell Sony | Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Comparison

A comparison of the same CG from three versions of “Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart.” Take a guess which one is the PS4 version.


This decision has made me start seeking other platforms to play on. Sure, I’m not going to toss out my PlayStation library. But I’m not going to be buying new titles for that platform if I can help it. If there’s a Steam (Steins;Gate Elite), Switch (Super Neptunia RPG), or Xbox One (Warriors Orochi 4) version of a title I’ll gladly pick another platform to play on. For you see, it’s not Sony where mine or any gamer’s loyalty lies. It’s with the developers and publishers who provide unique experiences for us.

Sony may supply the hardware and the publishing platform, but that alone doesn’t create the unique experience that keeps a player on one system. It’s the games that do. The stories, the struggles, and the joy that we feel when playing our favorite titles. Either alone on the couch to relax, with a group of friends at a party, or streaming to the internet so we can share those moments with people across the globe. Games are the reason we play and if the people who create those experiences are unfairly handicapped or treated poorly, we can find another platform to have those experiences on.

After all, why would I continue to game on a platform that’s not going to provide the experience the developers wanted to give me?

Farewell Sony | Steam, Switch, & Xbox One

Farewell Sony! While before you were the only game in town, the world has changed and become more accepting of niche gamers.

Benny Carrillo
A gamer since the days of the NES and SNES and a reporter since 2015. This hat-wearing otaku loves niche Japanese games, but has a soft spot for visual novels, Super Robot Wars, Mega Man, yuri, and Nepgear. Benny has covered E3 and Anime Expo since 2015 and served as Operation Rainfall’s Visual Novel Manager. Now, this seasoned reporter spends his days trying to clear his epic backlog in between writing analytical articles and reviews.
  • Sauce Boss

    Creepy hentai porn dude got mad. seems legit.

    • Kevin Chapman

      If that’s all that you’re gleaming from this then you need to look deeper. Theres more than anime tiddies at stake here; its artistic liberty being stripped away from developers, forcing other cultures to adhere to western values, and a platform holder deciding what’s right for you rather than yourself being able to decide which content you want to consume.

      If you’re cool with that than that’s some sad shit.

      • J.j. Barrington

        He doesn’t care about that. He only cares about insulting the author.

        • Kevin Chapman

          True, can’t hurt to try and get someone to look at an issue beneath a superficial level though.

          Probably just wasting my time but who knows?

          • J.j. Barrington

            I waste my time all the time, so I know how that feels.

      • bigevilworldwide

        Yeah anime KIDDIE tiddies…..It fucking hilarious how you kid fuckers keep pretending that this shit has NOTHING to do with normal adult nudity and is all focused on games with pre-teen girls between 14-17….

        AND you stupid shits need to learn how actual “censorship” that you idiots keep crying about works…ONLY the government can actually censor things illegally, you geniuses what dropped out in 2nd grade, because NO a company saying were not cool with kiddie porn is NOT censorship….

        • Kevin Chapman

          Can you tell me more about how polygons and drawings are real people?

        • True FF Fan

          You are a complete fool, anyone can censor anything, not just the government. When disney channel bleeps a curse word, that’s censorship, has nothing to do with the government. If I chose to call you a total p*ssy, I can do so with censorship, see that, I just put a * instead of a u, I participated in censorship. This isnt brain surgery, although based on your comments I bet watering a plant would be a challenge to your simple ass.

      • fbeans

        Yes, I’m cool with child rape being censored. You sick fuck. Don’t make this into a slippery slope argument.

        • Kevin Chapman

          Interested to see where any of the games on PS4 being censored contain such content. Got any examples?

          • fbeans

            The game quoted in this article. Intimacy Mode let you fondle these characters who are children. Sick pedos.

          • Kevin Chapman

            I think your definition of children is extremely loose there grandpa.

            Might want to brush up on age of consent, and also the fact that these aren’t real people.

            Some people can separate fantasy from reality, believe it or not. Fondling boobs in a game doesn’t equate to doing so in real life.

          • Hans Wurst

            Excuse me…if children or just below 18….it doesn’t make a difference! If your fantasy involves touching underaged girls against their will, there is clearly something wrong with you.

          • Kevin Chapman

            I think you’re forgetting the part where these are fictional characters in a video game and not real people.

            Guess if you like performing fatalities in Mortal Kombat you’re quite the sociopath too.

          • Hans Wurst

            Oh wow….just incredible.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Care to make a comment regarding the actual argument itself?

          • J.j. Barrington

            What’s incredible? If you think one is morally reprehensible in a fictional setting such that it represents the desires of a person to act on in real life, shouldn’t the other also be true?

            How can you tell someone they’re sick for liking- or just participating in- something in a fictional setting, but then act as if that only applies to certain things? If liking such games in indicative of latent desires, then shouldn’t the people who fired even a single shot during the “No Russian” segment be locked away?

          • Hans Wurst

            It’s ok…I know I wouldn’t let my daughter near you.

          • J.j. Barrington

            If you do so in ignorance, that’s your fault and no one else’s.

          • fbeans

            Ya no shit it isn’t a game. You’re still a pedo for enjoying it. Sick fuck.

          • Kevin Chapman

            You mean it IS a game, unless you can’t tell fiction from reality. Judging from your comments I’m assuming that to be the case.

          • fbeans

            Oh no! I made a typo! I’m almost as terrible as you pedos.

          • Kevin Chapman

            I mean, with all these comments coming through about how groping anime breasts is actual pedo rape it sure as hell does look like you lot can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

            If anime bobs are bad I can only imagine what eviscerating and decapitating someone in Mortal Kombat or shooting up the city in Grand Theft Auto must feel like for you. I’m sorry man, must be a tough daily life.

      • Sauce Boss

        Trust me, most people in the world won’t be bothered by this. You can’t walk into a gamestop and purchase these games. It’s not going to affect the artistic direction of a God of War (which already had tits and sex removed) or Uncharted or you know, not creepy fucking hentai porn games.

        • Kevin Chapman

          TF you talking bout man? I got all my Senran Kagura games from Gamestop or Best Buy. Might want to brush up on what Hentai is while you’re at it. These games effected are Ecchi at worst and already rated M.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Well, I should have just read your comment, lol.

          • Kevin Chapman

            It’s all good man, nothing wrong sharing the same thoughts on an issue lol.

        • J.j. Barrington

          Uh, you can walk into most places and buy the games. They’re only rated M at worst, not AO.

          At least do your homework.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Might want a more valid comment next time.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Its hilarious….Its even better in some of these articles about this shit, these pedos are having a fit because they can’t get their anime kiddie porn on PS4 anymore….It funny how they conveniently leave out that the ban involves all these pedo special kiddie porn games were the anime girls are 15..They also seem to ignore that hentai only exists because regular porn is illegal in Japan so hentai was seen as a way around that….There is no excuse for pedos with kid kink anime or not, they should all be castrated and shot straight into the sun…Kid fuckers don’t deserve to continue breathing….

      • True FF Fan

        how many times are you going to pretend kiddie porn is part of video games? There is not a single kiddie porn game out there. How stupid are you? I bet your genius ass goes to beach and sees a kid in bikini and you think that’s porn. What a f*cking moron you must be.

        • Hans Wurst

          No man…you can decide to be ignorant, but it doesn’t change the fact that those censored games all involve actively and sometimes against the will of the underaged girls (believe it or not, that’s Japanese culture) fumbling with their clothes or private parts.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You should have stopped a long time ago… shouldn’t even have started.

            That you don’t want to expand upon your accusations or bring any examples to bear says a lot about your position: it’s reactionary, likely tertiary, and in direct opposite to reality.

          • Hans Wurst

            I know all I need to know.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You most clearly don’t, and it’s rather sad that you rather wallow in willful ignorance than be informed.

      • True FF Fan

        Another sign of your complete ignorance, porn is not illegal in Japan, as long as the privates are blurred out or pixelated. In fact, Japan is one of the world’s top producers of porn. A 2 second google search would have taught you that, but I suppose you and facts have a complicated relationship. However, your obsession with kiddie porn makes me think you should never, ever, be around children. It doesn’t take a psychologists to see that you are acting like you hate kiddie porn because you secretly have a strong desire for it. Stay away from kids you sick bastard.

        • Hans Wurst

          If you think it’s ok to watch anime underaged porn and even interact with it, it’s probably you who shouldn’t be let near kids.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You’re not making any sense.

      • J.j. Barrington

        What’s hilarious is how lost you are. Head back to shore; this water’s too deep for you.

        • I’m shocked you’re against Sony’s censorship, I would have thought you would have supported it.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Why would I be?

      • Rich

        In the words of Bane, “Why would you castrate a man before shooting him into the sun?” 🙂

        • J.j. Barrington

          Now that would just be for the laughs. Also depends on how quickly he’s shot into the sun.

    • Just Tim

      Virtue signaler DETECTED.

      I bet you paid for Asia Argento’s bail, after she was revealed to had gone FULL PEDO for Jimmy Bennett when she was 37, he was 17.

  • Danny DeMent

    Self-describing as an Otaku is the ultimate self-own, my guy.

  • J.j. Barrington

    While I agree with the sentiment, you’re probably losing out on “experiences” by going so far. As for me, I’ll be getting the games elsewhere, or only getting them used(though that wouldn’t help the dev, so that’s a second option).

    • bigevilworldwide

      Hopefuly Governments are all paying attention to all the kiddie porn lovers having a temper tantrum over a company deciding they don’t want kiddie porn on their consoles…Sorry but not only is 14-17 illegal, its disgusting for anyone over the age of 18 to need cartoon kiddie porn to get their kicks…..And its a FACT that the games effected are ALL games that involve 15 and 16 year old teens…..

      • Kevin Chapman

        What are the age of consent laws for Japan and can you tell me how they apply to fiction characters?

      • Rick Eckert

        fictional no age

      • True FF Fan

        Kiddie porn involves sex, no game was offering nor promising kiddie porn, you f*cking sissy ass drama queen. Also, stop being one of those morons that doesn’t comprehend the definition of the word “Fact.” Seriously, complete ignorance of what Porn and Fact means, you are such a failure. So glad I’m not your parent, cause that means I would have seriously failed as a father. I can’t get over how dumb you are. lol

        • Hans Wurst

          Absolutely….all games censored involved underaged looking girls and fumbling with their private parts.

          • J.j. Barrington

            So it’s okay if they’re not legal, but look it, right?

          • Hans Wurst

            Funny how the pedos here are outing themselves.

          • Kevin Chapman

            There’s nothing to out. We’re having a discussion on his censorship of niche Japanese games is bad and the same old tired arguments have been coming out of the wood work. ‘Oh you just can’t get laid!’ ‘Oh you’re just a pedo you sick fuck!’ ‘go on the internet if you want porn loser!’

            We’ve heard these all a million times before. Just because you repeat them a million times and nauseam doesn’t make them any more true.

          • J.j. Barrington

            That’s not what a pedo is. It never will be. And intentionally misusing words and phrases doesn’t help anybody. You’re usually a more reasonable person than this, so I’d appreciate it if you stopped.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Follow-up question: do you understand what a pedophile is?

          • Kevin Chapman

            Gigantic breasts are underaged looking? Are you secretly Jason Schrier or something?

          • Hans Wurst

            This is not about gigantic breasts. This is about actively fumbling with them while the girl looks underaged 15-17.

          • Kevin Chapman

            I’m confused how someone who is absolutely stacked can “look” under age. Can you clarify?

            Your moral standing is also weird. Are you implying that the fumbling would be OK so long as the characters DON’T look underage, yet still are?

          • fbeans

            The game takes place in a high school and they are referred to as students. This isn’t up for debate, they are teenagers.

          • Kevin Chapman

            You’re still forgetting the part that they’re not real. Are the lines separating fiction from reality seriously that blurry for you?

          • fbeans

            No, you’re the one who thinks just because it is fiction you’re not a sick fuck. No one in their right mind is okay with that.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Do you feel the same way about violence?

          • J.j. Barrington

            I’m absolutely certain you’re not qualified to determine who is or isn’t in their right mind.

          • J.j. Barrington

            So it’s okay as long as they don’t look underage?

            And what about REAL women who look underage?

      • J.j. Barrington

        Ah, if only you were intelligent enough to have a decent conversation on the subject.

        Sadly, you don’t seem to know that 14-17 is legal in most countries, or that this wouldn’t matter anyway since none of the characters are actually alive and so don’t have actual ages. Seems you don’t know what a “FACT” is, either. You also don’t know what “kiddie porn” is.

        Poor you. Not equipped to handle this conversation.

      • Just Tim
  • KashIsKlay

    Great article. Play games not platforms.

  • AnthonyP

    While I’m not as invested in this controversy, I fully sympathize with your frustration and respect your decision. Thanks for the insight!

  • True FF Fan

    Sony was never “the only game in town” – such a clueless comment at the end of your article really downplays your entire article.

  • LordCancer Kain


  • fbeans

    Aaawww you’re leaving Sony because you can’t virtually rape high school characters. You’ll surely be missed.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Which game is that?

      • Hans Wurst

        Google intimacy mode in the game mentioned in the article.

        • J.j. Barrington

          There’s no rape in that game, though.

          And even if there was, it wouldn’t matter to the overall point: it’s a game.

          • Hans Wurst

            Just wow.

          • J.j. Barrington

            “Just wow” what? Can you not explain the relevance of that comment?

          • Hans Wurst

            Have you ever watched Japanese porn?..there is often rape like behaviour involved. This is targeting that kind of behaviour.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto? There is often murderous and violent behavior involved. This is targeting that kind of behavior.

          • J.j. Barrington

            There is often rape like behavior involved in porn from all parts of the world. But that’s also irrelevant, as these games aren’t Japanese porn.

  • Jonathan Trussler

    I’m genuinely curious:

    1. Why do some people seem to have trouble distinguishing pixels and polygons from “kiddie porn”?

    2. Why are some people utterly enraged at videogames that contain content that they don’t have to see unless they actively seek out and play these games?

    3. Why can’t Sony let consumers decide for themselves if they find content in games “acceptable” or not?

    I’d genuinely like to hear some sort of reasonable answers to these questions rather than ludicrous insults hurled at the author of this article.

    • Migi

      They can’t distinguishing cause they are a bunch of mindless NPCs all they can scream are the same Repetitive slurs that make no real sense. That’s the power of their virtue signalling they don’t dare say that about real problems.

      They cry kiddy porn when fictional characters are underaged even if it’s not erotic yet i don’t ever see these people scream about the Muslims rape gangs that rape underage children in Europe cause that ain’t politically correct so they whine on about fictional characters cause they a bunch of sad losers.
      And this is just a small example.

      Sony can’t let consumers decide for their own cause they new headquarters is located in the virtue signalling state called commiefornia.

      A lot more people stopped supporting Sony over this myself included, i went with the only platform that still has some freedom.

      • J.j. Barrington

        You’ve gone off the deep end. Swim back before it’s too late.

        • Migi

          So telling the truth and calling out the double standard suddenly is the deep end?

          Or did this fact trigger you?

          • Hans Wurst

            Oh the irony.

          • Migi

            Oh the useless comment.

          • J.j. Barrington

            What fact?

            You know what “triggers” me? Asinine people making asinine comments and then using the asinine phrase “triggered.” Somebody calls YOU out on something utterly ridiculous that you’ve said, and after you wrote a small essay on the subject, you call them triggered?

            You’re gonna need better arguing skills before you reply.

          • Migi

            So you get triggered yourself by buzzword cause you can’t for some reason cope with those? I’m not the one hung up on words that are used instead of the subject at hand the hypocrisy of people that complain and want censorship and the actual problems that are going on.

            Arguing what to be honest right now all you complaining about is my use of words cause they don’t suit you cause you yourself have already put a label behind those words cause you think it gives you a moral superiority.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You need to bring facts. As has been stated, the site you “sourced” isn’t reliable: they’re an example of “fake news.” Relying on them- and on the buzzwords of those with weak arguments while not supplementing your argument, either- makes your stance not worth much.

            Frankly, it’s rather evident that you’re just parroting things you heard others say with no understanding of why those things don’t make sense. But with you being so indoctrinated, it’s also quite clear that expecting rational, civil discourse from you is an exercise in futility.

          • Migi

            So because they use actual sources cause the site itself is nothing more than a collection of articles and not a site that reports itself it just translates other articles from all around Europe it suddenly is fake news? Like i said all the article they did about my country actually are real and not from right wing news sites. But that doesn’t matter to you cause you already made up you mind about it because it talks bad most likely about a topic you champion so you will remain ignorant for the sake of convenience.

            Is wiki suddenly bias when they do a article about the Muslim rape gangs that get ignored for the sake of your Political correctness?
            A total of 900 underage girls targeted because of their race but that doesn’t matter to you cause most likely that concept is bias even on itself.
            Do you need more examples or does that trigger you for some reason?
            1500 victims while people looked away because of political correctness left them roam for 12 years some signs shown that it was going on for 30 years but because of your concept of being bias because of either color everybody looked away.

            So me calling out people that wanna censor anime because of political correctness and the idea that if people see skin they become rampant rapist is a bullshit. showing they’d rather waste their time on fantasy women instead of solving and complaining about actual crimes that get covered up for the same reason we now have censorship in gaming.

            Actually there are a lot more.
            Do you need more fact or doesn’t that suit your political bias? cause imagine bad things being done by certain groups cause they so called sad.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Please, learn to use the correct words. It’s “biased,” not “bias” in nearly every example of your use of the word. Wiki is not bias, but biasED. And since it’s written by people who, inherently, have bias, the answer is yes.

            It’s evident you don’t read your own sources, though. “The citations are correct but they have been taken out of context,” Cockbain told The Independent; “Nor do they acknowledge the small sample size of the original research, which focused on just two large cases.” That’s from your first link.But I guess acknowledging that doesn’t support your political bias, huh?

            Then you link to an page containing multiple articles about the same few situations… like that helps your case?

            And what? You think this proves your theory, even though Wiki also has entries on other similar events in England, like the 2009 Plymouth case? What about Jimmy Savile, who wasn’t exposed until after his death, but had been abusing children and adults for 50 years? That doesn’t fit your narrative, though, does it?

            Tell me: has the consistent and long-standing grooming of children for abuse by the Catholic church slipped your min while you’re busy trying to pretend only one group is doing this and that it’s recent?

            “So me calling out people that wanna censor anime because of political correctness and the idea that if people see skin they become rampant rapist is a bullshit. showing they’d rather waste their time on fantasy women instead of solving and complaining about actual crimes that get covered up for the same reason we now have censorship in gaming.”

            This is what’s called a leap of logic. With nothing to support it- like everything else you’ve said- you assume the people calling for censorship in games is the same group doing nothing about real crimes. You assume they’re even in the same country. Question: what is an American supposed to do about these sex gangs running around England? Since your links covered that country, I assume you live there; isn’t it YOUR responsibility, then?

            Yet here you are: sanctimoniously laying into people you’ve never met, accusing them of things you don’t even fully grasp, ignoring what doesn’t agree with you, and generally making yourself out to be a fool.

            Your “logic” needs work. Your fact-finding needs work. Your presentation needs work. Your thought processes need work.

            And you, overall, need help.

          • Migi

            what wrong you already triggered that I’m not natively English?

            Hey moron the point was these crimes happen i wasn’t making apolitical statement i was calling out the hypocritical nature of what is more important but i guess you don’t mind rape when it suit you agenda then.
            So it’s a bit out of context and in your mind that doesn’t matter what the main topic is cause you seem offended by the idea itself.

            You comment about jimmy Saville just shows how biased you are cause the difference is these cases are still going on while saville was covered up by the BBC while this article i posted was about massive rape gangs that made more victims than Saville ever did but that doesn’t matter to you right you just need to throw the white man in front cause you can only see color not the crime. Also moron i never said it’s only one group it is right now the only group that gets away with it on mass but like i said you need color or else you can’t cope with the crime.

            I like how triggered you become did i offend you concept of what is or isn’t politically correct to call out? If you had a brain you’d know this new force of political correctness and pandering was brought across the world by America and all the pandering on school campus. hence why the most SJW state in America Commiefornia is now enforcing these censorship with their feminists ideology. Also you ask what is America Suppose to do about it you do know it’s not just America that has to put up with these SJW like censorship but the whole world cause you Americans can’t cope now with harsh worlds or hard truths. American company’s enforce any calling out of such crimes cause Facebook was ordered By Merkel to shut up anybody who talks about it so your American company force censorship on certain crimes by certain groups. It’s American corporation that censor the internet for their New political correct dogma.

            If you think I’m a fool i sure as hell seem to trigger you a lot might that be cause i said or posted something you can’t cope with? like color for instance or are you one of those triggered crybaby that can’t take it orange man in the white house? You seem like a man that get’s triggered pretty easily you sure you can cope with life?

          • J.j. Barrington

            “what wrong you already triggered that I’m not natively English?”

            What does that even mean? I’m not natively English, either.

            “the point was these crimes happen”

            Everybody knows the crimes happen. No one is acting like they don’t.

            “i was calling out the hypocritical nature of what is more important”

            That’s not what “hypocritical” means, and if you can’t prove that the people you’re attacking are doing nothing while being in a position to do something, then your claim was baseless to begin with. Can you prove it?

            “i guess you don’t mind rape when it suit you agenda then.”

            What is my agenda?

            “So it’s a bit out of context and in your mind that doesn’t matter what the main topic is cause you seem offended by the idea itself.”

            Don’t write things for the sake of writing them. You’re wasting everyone’s time.

            “You comment about jimmy Saville just shows how biased you are”

            What this shows is that you don’t understand the words you’re using. You don’t know the meaning of “bias,” hypocritical,” “pedophile,” and a host of other words you keep repeating.

            “you just need to throw the white man in front cause you can only see color not the crime.”

            You were the one that started talking about specific groups, not me. You specifically linked incidents involving those groups, as if only those groups were guilty of such crimes. And you set the tone with the alt-right buzzwords your first comment began with. Also, what color do I see, and what crime do I not see?

            “did i offend you concept of what is or isn’t politically correct to call out?”

            What concept is that? Does it make you feel better to pretend that that’s what’s happening here?

            “If you had a brain you’d know this new force of political correctness and pandering was brought across the world by America and all the pandering on school campus. hence why the most SJW state in America Commiefornia is now enforcing these censorship with their feminists ideology.”

            I get it now. You just string together words that you’ve heard used by people you think are intelligent.

            “Also you ask what is America Suppose to do about it you do know it’s not just America that has to put up with these SJW like censorship but the whole world cause you Americans can’t cope now with harsh worlds or hard truths.”

            I could tell you about harsh worlds. Seeing folks doing crack at the corner store, ducking bullets in my own house, burying friends before the age of 20, relatives doing life in prison or living with AIDS, getting robbed days after moving into a new place, having a gun pointed in my face by a cop because of my skin color. Yeah, people have had it harder than me, but don’t go getting up on your high horse when you know nothing.

            “If you think I’m a fool i sure as hell seem to trigger you a lot might that be cause i said or posted something you can’t cope with?”

            You keep using that word… you’re right, though. I DO have a hard time with stupidity, particularly when the person in question masks their ignorance with a totally unwarranted air of superiority.

            “like color for instance or are you one of those triggered crybaby that can’t take it orange man in the white house?”

            Are you saying that an idiot should be running the most influential country in the world? I mean I get it: that means there’s hope for you, too. But anybody who believes he’s suite to the job needs to be barred from even tying their own shoes.

            “You seem like a man that get’s triggered pretty easily you sure you can cope with life?”

            Do I seem like such a man? So far, I’ve coped with life just fine. You, on the other hand, have apparently chosen rejection of reality as your coping mechanism. Which is a shame.

          • Migi

            wauw you really triggered aren’t ya? was the color behind those men of crimes that hurtful for ya cause that’s all you been bitching about from now on more on the crime article i posted than the censorship in gaming.

          • AnthonyP

            Tell us more about this mythical place called “Commiefornia.” I’m quite interested!

      • Kevin Chapman


        Might wanna dial back on the buzzwords a but there dude.

        • Migi

          Depend on what you wanna call a buzzword? I’m just calling out the double standards these virtue signalling people have. The censorship by sony is more driven by people enforcing their political ideology behind the scenes.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Oh no, believe me there are a multitude of double standards at work here, theres no denying that. Just saying that repeating words like Virtue Signaling kind of weakens your argument. Sort of like calling someone an SJW or a Cuck over and over again.

            “Commiefornia” doesn’t really help things either. I get your message you’re trying to get across but being so hostile won’t get people to be very receptive to you.

          • Migi

            Well that kinda is what all this comes down to, it’s nothing more than the notion of if we don’t see it won’t happen which is why virtue signaling is such a problem people scream murder over something trivial while looking away at something important for the sake of not wanting to acknowledge the real problem in society. SJW/Cuck are pretty effective tools to piss of these hyper sensative crybaby’s, They sure as hell aren’t stopping using the words like your a bunch of Pedofiles when it comes to just liking anime if the characters look too young.

            you might not like ”Commiefornia” but the ideology that is making these censorship is based on a socialist concept of we must do it for the people while in fact it’s more a personal crusade. cause we now censorship fictional character for the skin they are showing but we aren’t allowed to call out real societal problems and these SJW/Cucks all focus on fictional ones cause they are basically a bunch of sad losers.

            Hostile is me screaming murder and death which is something i never do, this is just me calling out reality in a politically incorrect way.

            People put too much weight on words while those pretty words are easily used to deceive them.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Just saying those words are so overused that it gets people to outright ignore your arguments. Same way unhinged leftists call anyone not in agreement nazis, racists, sexists, etc; calling people SJWs or cucks make you seem like an unhinged alt-righter. You can get your argument across while remaining courteous and professional. Just because others are abrasive and name calling doesn’t mean you need to stoop down to their level.

            If you wanna keep it up go for it. Just offering some advice but I dont think anyone else will listen to you except for those already in agreement.

          • Migi

            All words are overused so that’s a bullshit statement right there. Think of the Children is also nothing more than a buzzwords to get things banned and restricted while not serving any other purpose than to get ones way when it doesn’t suit the personal social ideology.

            People will either just ignore the argument if they don’t like it, people already know on which side they are on most people are a one way street kinda mind. For instance when you see Jordan Peterson making comment sense of human nature there are still an army of ignorant morons that keep to their own concept of how the world should be.

            So i use these words I’m suddenly an Alt righter or is that cause you felt butt hurt for me posting an actual article about Muslim rape gangs that is calling out the left for covering it up?

            courteous and professional another 2 words that are empty when you consider those are used by the upper class while maintaining their so called moral superiority and at the same time used by the people that bring these kinda censorship, Cause in the ends all these forms of censorship are done under the guise of we need to be morally superior.

            So calling people out on their stupidity is name calling? or are you just as sensitive as these SJW? I for one couldn’t give an ass what they’d call me cause it’s the internet and furthermore why be bothered by getting offended in the first place? Only thing these Buzzwords is give rise to those easily offended and why be bothered with that when they are already close minded to begin with cause now their ideology is pushed on them in the educational system so they’ll remain one way streets anyways.

            I take it you would call the removing of confederate statue ok then? cause that could be seen as you sense of courteous and professional? while in fact in my eyes it’s nothing more than censorship of history for feelings. also, before you go cry your Alt-right I’m not even American and couldn’t give a rats ass about color unless people use it as a shield to get their way in life which has now become the standard for people that wanna get things while not actually doing anything for it while claiming Equality.

            When this is the standard because of Feminists Ideology i don’t mind not being politically correct or hurt people’s feelings by offending them.
            And this is another example of your notion of being courteous and professional while using those to core concepts to cover things up for the sake of feelings.

            You do know right? that right now the gaming industry is being ripped apart by the Ideology of Feminism/Socialism and their core concept of social justice hence why fictional characters skin now need to be covered up or else it’s sexist.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Dude, chill.

            I didn’t call you an alt-righter. I said you COULD be labeled as one and if you want to get your argument across to more people you need to be smarter about it.

            I’m actually in agreement with you on feminism making mountains out of molehills in the gaming sphere (and comics too) and eventually causing issues like this to happen, but being super abrasive about it won’t convince anyone not already on your side of the fence to listen to you.

            The people you need to convince are in the middle (such as myself) and name calling and being super aggressive with your words won’t do a good job of getting people to listen to you.

            I’m saying you can talk about sensitive issues while remaining calm and courteous. How often do you see Jordan Peterson yelling at people and calling them commies or SJWs if they dont agree with him or even calling him names?

          • Migi

            Well in my eyes you seem to be suggesting it while not knowing my actual background.

            Actually making your argument more civil doesn’t really work as much as you think i been banned on facebook multiple times even when being civil people just have can’t take complicated concept when it comes to seeing what really is the problem in society hence when they media tells them something they’ll believe it regardless of it being nothing more than a distraction of the real problem.

            Feminism for instance is very small when you look at the numbers that believe in it and they only flock people when using Buzzwords and Virtue signaling or else they’d be Irrelevant all their pressure points like the wage gap and gender discrimination are based on lies and nothing factual and even if those were to happen it would be minute cause it’s already fixed in law.

            Actually most sites are now moderated by those that follow a SJW style ideology. like i said most people already get indoctrinated in school hence why now race and gender are such a hot topic subject even in gaming while in fact they should be more focused on what’s entertaining and when you make a game based on history make it accurate or publish it as a fantasy version of history unlike EA claiming BFV is Historically accurate or the Total war where suddenly you get an army of female generals for the sake of an agenda while both claim to represent history.

            The people in the middle most of the time do have a childish stance when it comes to making a stand, They mostly make excuses for either the publisher or company or have this stupid notion of ”If i don’t buy it it’ll be gone” whereas i would rather have something in original form or not have it at all. People this generation have been to pampered to make a stand for anything even common sense.

            Just look around you just for instance on the street ask them something factual about either history or what really is going on social politically they won’t be able to tell you anything cause they all have this mob mentality and have no idea how dangerous censorship is. Just look at all your social apps even Youtube you get policed by people that use their feelings to make their judgment not the logical conclusion behind it all.

            Jordan Peterson might not be yelling or making any online style comment yet mainstream media still demonize him. he remains painted as an Alt-right or right winger himself even when claiming he’s not the people could care less if they are on the extremes.

            In the end you will not win this battle for ideology that is raging in the gaming industry with pretty words, the other side will just accuse you of something or make things up. and if they do anything out of line they just get away with it like when the Ubisoft Creative Director Implicated In Dox Attempt against Mombot he had no actions taken against him. Not to mention Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Racist Game Designer which was allowed to keep his job till the game was finished while gamers complained about his behavior and just got ignored.

          • Migi

            Seems this site is also nothing more than a censorship hellhole seeing as how my comments got deleted.

          • Jonathan Trussler

            No, it’s marked as “awaiting moderation”. When a comment is repeatedly downvoted then sometimes it will be automatically put into “awaiting moderation” by Disqus. I’ll check with the other moderators just in case but this seems to be what’s happened.

            Having said that though, Kevin is absolutely right about what he’s saying. When you use alt-right terminology, repeatedly stray wildly off topic into alt-right talking points and repeatedly link to an alt-right website (which a quick search will reveal is a known producer of fake news) then most people are going to assume you’re alt-right yourself regardless of your own self definition. It alienates people and undermines your credibility on the topic.

            A lot of people are sympathetic towards the cause of developers having maximum possible creative freedom, but when you try to bundle it into a package deal with a bunch of unrelated right wing political gubbins and an insulting/aggressive attitude, you’re hurting that cause far more than helping it.

          • Migi

            so Internet slang now is suddenly alt-right terminology? or is that simply the excuse because those words are used by people to get a rise out of the other side? I barely see them as alt-right terminology simply because they are offensive for some people.

            Also if you think Voice of Europe is fake news your pretty much wrong cause they even have articles from my country where certain groups get away with things and they aren’t taken from lowly unknown sites but pretty much main stream but local news. Not to mention that the site even links you to the original news site that posted the article. You must Think Russia Today also is an alt-right things considering they are simply Russian cause they even had news coverage for those rape gangs and the fact they wanna close the case cause they didn’t have enough police officers? People love flagging things as fake news simply cause they don’t like the content that is being discussed. simply because the producers behind the site have an agenda doesn’t mean it’s always based on lies for instance the news about those kinda things in my country actually happened not to mention the stats that get mentioned there are from mainstream media.

            ”A lot of people are sympathetic towards the cause of developers having maximum possible creative freedom” most people might be like that it doesn’t account for the developers in the industry that are extreme left and are right now enforcing these kinda censorship not to mention the people right now behind the scenes that are in charge.

            You wanna say to it’s unrelated? while these censorship are more politically driven themselves. when these leftist socialist that are pushing for this are doing it because of an ideology that suddenly doesn’t matter? but me showing a real life crimes being and calling out the same people that believe fictional characters need to be covered up while not calling out actual crime I’m suddenly a Nazi or Alt-right? Gaming industry has been made political by the left it’s the socialist Feminists that drive this industry into censorship hence why ever game need the retarded notion of inclusion and why History games have to be warped to fir a political ideology

            I think it’s laughable that people are so much in arms by words to a point they can’t even see anything rational anymore for what it is. Only people triggered by words are the simpletons cause they put to much weight behind words. Hurt the cause sorry but i don’t see your pretty words change these censorship while the other side is using Doxing and racism themselves while getting away with it cause they so called on the right side of History in their delusional eyes.

            Like i said before wanna change it you gotta change the educational system by focusing less on feelings and more on facts while the whole industry is now more geared towards feelings and not what really entertains but more virtue signaling agenda.

            I take it you think Niche gamer is also n alt right website cause those words are used a lot then? or one angry gamer both sites that are the only ones that allow actual free speech not what most sites do and cater to ones feelings.

          • J.j. Barrington

            “so Internet slang now is suddenly alt-right terminology?”

            No, not suddenly. You can stop being disingenuous now. As Jonathan says, your credibility is shot.

          • Migi

            So my credibility is shot because you feel offended by certain words or is it because people like you yourself put a label behind those words for the sake of convenience?

          • J.j. Barrington

            Your credibility is shot because you use words and phrases popularized by those with no credibility. They lend no substance to your claim, and instead show that your position is weak and your arguments are shallow.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Considering your other essays are on display for all to see here I don’t see where you’re coming from with that.

          • Migi

            The fact that my other suddenly got flagged as spam first till i called out.

          • J.j. Barrington

            So what, exactly, is all your hyperbole and buzzword use and hollow debating resulting in? Unless your aim was to not be taken seriously, you’ve succeeded in exactly nothing.

          • Migi

            What gives you the notion I’m trying to achieve anything I’m just stating something i wasn’t the one feeling offended by it it’s you who got sensitive on the matter. You the same kinda reason why censorship happens cause on a wim you change your perspective of what is and isn’t allowed or what is considered bad or evil even if it’s just words.

          • Kevin Chapman

            So me trying to be professional and calm is useless , and you yourself admit your abrasive tone in this conversation wasn’t to change any minds either.

            Tell me, what’s your goal here effectively yelling at people who, for most intents and purposes, at least related to the article in question, are in agreement with you?

          • Migi

            I don’t recall being the one that says i wanna change things cause in the end its useless on a gaming site cause in the end nobody will take a stand only the Niche community will do it you average casual gamer won’t do shit.

            I kind gotta laugh how sensitive you people are when it comes to words you folks are no different than those SJW. I don’t really need approval from anybody i don’t get a high on getting upvoted like some people.

          • Kevin Chapman

            Your radical assumptions about us aren’t helping you to look any less ridiculous man. Take a look at my review history and tell me if I seem like a filthy casual to you. I enjoy niche Japanese weeb stuff more than anything else, so this issue is important to me. If you think I’m just hanging out in an internet comment section for the site I write at expecting to change things you’re sorely mistaken. I’m doing like Benny suggests in the article – keeping the niche Japanese experience to other platforms and letting Sony know that censorship of anything ain’t cool. You wanna make a change? You hit a company’s wallet. Not arguing endlessly on internet forums, social media, and comments.

          • Migi

            You have this notion that we can casual games to change also which they won’t because of the Buzzwords that trigger you they’ll just scream your a bunch of pedofile and a casual person will just focus on that word and the virtue signaling behind not the true intent. People who are against censorship are already people who will know it’s effect but most casual people don’t care cause censorship is now the new form of keeping us safe in the normal world thanks to all those terrorist.

            U.N has urged Japan to kill of all those that don’t fall in line with western viewpoints of what is acceptable so our voices don’t really matter in the first place. like i said wanna change things you’ll have to change the educational system you won’t do it with writing articles online and with the monopoly by the left on social media you even have site like the anime feminists who will bitch about anything that doesn’t suit their need and will get a greater effect cause their entitled group does hold power with their delusional believes.

            Only hardcore Niche fans will take a stand all other couldn’t care less and would just label you a pervert anyways. You have this notion that you can change their minds while most people already know what they want.

            You keep saying keeping the niche Japanese experience while I’m more worried about censorship as a whole which seems to be gripping this internet a lot more and isn’t it funny that he sites that use the words you deem Buzzword the most reports the most on the internet censorship especially in gaming and allows discussions about it? You don’t see the mainstream gaming media talking about it cause they are already paid of to indoctrinate people that this censorship is a good thing.

          • J.j. Barrington

            So you’re not trying to do anything? Why comment, then?

            You sure seem offended. Offended that people don’t feel the way you do on subjects. Offended that your lack of facts, your tone, and your purpose are all being called out.

            What perspectives have I changed on? Name one. You’re quite good at throwing around accusations without any evidence.

          • Migi

            Why not comment? or does the idea of somebody just voicing his though on the situation trigger you? or do you hold some special power that allows you to say what you want but needs me to shut up cause you don’t like what I’m saying?

            Why would i be offended I’m just calling our the hypoctirical nature behind these censorship that is people are too focus on fictional skin or nudity while people are being raped in real life being victimized while there is no uproar about that for the sake of political correctness you seem more trigger about me posting something about that.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Common sense says why comment if you have no purpose in doing so?

            You’re obviously offended. Why?

          • Migi

            You obviously triggered by a man posting his opinion Why?

          • J.j. Barrington

            You’re obviously out of your depth. Should have stayed in the shallows.

          • Kevin Chapman

            If it were up to me I would have no issue unflagging it and letting the whole site see it. Your overly aggressive tone with people who are trying to keep things level and rational has done a wonderful job of making you look foolish.

            Unfortunately I’m just a writer here, dont have the powers to let the comment through on my end.

          • Jonathan Trussler

            I looked at your post with other mods and unflagged it. You didn’t actually threaten anyone or outright call for any kind of extremist violence, so it doesn’t run afoul of the site’s rules. Though it may come across as borderline spam with how it seems to focus on promoting a political website in a wildly off topic way, so be careful of that. You provide absolutely no logical or factual links between a discussion about Sony’s censorship policies and the unrelated talking points you introduced. And no, vague unsubstantiated claims about a worldwide conspiracy do not count.

            Multiple independent media watchdogs have determined the site you linked to to be producing extremely biased, misleading and/or fake news. Here’s one of them:


            It was recently flagged by Facebook as a fake news site. When you are linking to such a site and seemingly getting your opinions verbatim from it, you have to understand that’s not good for your credibility or for having a well rounded perspective. If someone was linking to a left wing website with such a reputation, you would almost certainly question their credibility. You would definitely question their unreasonable level of bias if they were using slang terms which insinuated a more conservative American state was heavily influenced by Nazi ideology like you use the term “Commiefornia”.

            Since you mentioned it, Russia Today isn’t considered an outright fake news network, but it does tend to be heavily in line with the Russian government, where press freedoms are now considered some of the worst in the world. I would take RT’s reporting with a very large pinch of salt, and be extra careful to validate any claims they make.

            No one here is censoring you. No one here is afraid or deeply offended by what you have to say. When stating your point of view, it helps to stay on topic, use reasonable arguments and cite credible sources. If you don’t do this, a lot of people will consider talking or listening to you a waste of time, and after this it’s probably myself included.

          • Migi

            IT wasn’t meant to be promoting a political website it was meant as a example of that people are to focused on protecting fictional characters instead of real ones. Sorry but sony has become political with their pandering policies cause half naked gay sims are allowed but anime skin suddenly is a no. And funny isn’t it that sony suddenly had to change localization policy after they changed their headquarters to California suddenly upholding laws that shouldn’t apply for a game made in japan.

            independent media watchdogs aren’t saint themselves so spare me the notion they are neutral. These days if leftist don’t like the news they just slap the label alt-right or extreme right on it.
            I must be a Journalist also, cause like this site suggest your Bias Fact checker has zero skill in journalism and has other unknown people help him just rate sites on feeling. We all journalist cause we can just say so and anonymously make a site that claims what other sites are.
            Voice of Europe might be bias but as long as the crimes are real it’s still is reporting real news. When Rape is being allowed because of feelings while people complain about fictional Characters I call that double standard.
            And guess why this happened? the judge was a Refugee activist. so no bias there now is there? not to mention a few month before that in belguim the same happened to another disabled girl it got ignored by mainstream media cause it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for refugees and those are all the rage when it comes to virtue signaling. absolving crimes because the same kinda people that force these censorship do nothing to stop the real problems cause that would mean stepping on their own idea of inclusion and culture.

            Also, You whine about me using commiefornia you do know they almost got a bill through that allowed communist to join government establishments or are you ignorant towards that not to mention multiple bills have been pushed to punish speech not to mention lowering sentence for HIV people who knowing infect other for the sake of tolerance.
            California is like a Communist state even a man who lift in a actual communist country stated that.
            The city haunts people with money most likely because of it’s own nutjob like spending. Commiefornia is a nice word to frame the progressive impact on that state making while the silicon valley morons preach inclusiveness they themselves live on their high horses.

            There is no un-bias media anymore even the gaming media is now more political and full of feminist Ideology. my mainstream media now covers up terrorist by calling them confused individual and these attacks have happened multiple times for the sake of a political correct agenda the article itself from the site is an incident that the normal British press refused to talk about especial the ultra left bias BBC.

            When leftist media suddenly start to use feelings instead of facts even with crimes i would rather believe voice of Europe and like i said every article about my country has been true up till now. And also if you afraid they frame it a bit more rough you can also always check the original site the article came from cause it’s linked.

            I would only take RT reporting as a pinch of salt if it were about Russia itself when it won’t report fake news on the western front because the West is already making a fool off itself. by covering up crimes cause the politically correct left can’t take a certain concept hence why data that would put a lot of myths to rest like who does what get;s stopped in the name of not wanting to discriminate instead of just keeping track of the data they wanna lump everything together so we can’t look at the actual facts.

            Sorry but I’m neither right or left I’m just more aware what is going on in Europe actually. Funny how you say nobody is offended but people here seem to whine more about the site link i posted than the actual problem at hand, Most likely cause they bias themselves and don’t like certain fact of what is going on. Your pretty Ignorant if you can’t see that gaming media is bias as fuck from the point of docking point for nudity in games to the point of praising games if they push leftist inclusion agenda’s you can even see it in the movie industry now.

            Might it be a waste of time for you cause you yourself are biased? cause you already don’t seem to comprehend that people behind the scenes and studio are pushing an ideology to get their way an Ideology that is now mostly leftist. You must be one of those that still think GG was a Harassment campaign cause mainstream media told you? instead of wanting a more neutral and un-bias gaming press.

          • Jonathan Trussler

            So you’re debunking the accumulated findings of Facebook and several different independent media watchdogs by linking to Zero Hedge: an overwhelmingly Pro-Russian, Alt-Right site with a very poor fact checking record and known for promoting psuedoscience and conspiracy theories?


            Apparently, they actually hired some poor starving university grad to write fifteen posts a day with the following formula: “Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry= dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft.”

            Totally legit, right?

            Also Russia wouldn’t promote fake news about the west because the west is too busy making itself look foolish? And you’re seriously comparing California to Communist countries with a straight face?

            If you’re not a paid Russian troll, you should definitely ask Putin for a job. You’re doing way too much work for him for free. I’m honestly not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for you at this point with how far off the deep end you’ve gone.

          • Migi

            Like i said your just Bias. you can only see simple thing your no different than those SJW trying to enforce you viewpoints on the world you just championing this censorship cause it suit your needs you could care less about actual freedom of speech. You already showing you leftist delusions cause I’m not Russian moron or you seeing Russian hacker everywhere?

            Your even that stupid that you think ”Alt-right” is something big while it was all created during GamerGate so people could identify a enemy that had no face which were simple trolls. The media spun it into something big cause they couldn’t understand what actually was going on. ”Alt-right was just the extreme right but they just lump in all people that didn’t go with their delusions.

            Well tell me why is your source so trustworthy? what are you fact or do you just think if it’s pro-left it’s worth trusting? your delusions that the Russians are behind everything is laughable. You’d make mainstream media proud with your delusions.

          • Jonathan Trussler

            Ok, I’ve listened to enough conspiracy theories and projection now for one day. You really need to take the advice of everyone else here who’s tried to talk to you: Seek help, dude, seriously.

        • J.j. Barrington

          You may not be wrong by attaching the alt-right label, sadly.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Well, you didn’t get it from the first person to respond to you.

      Personally, I just don’t partake of that which I’ve no interest. And as long as it’s not harming someone else, I don’t really care what others do, either. Now, to answer your questions:

      1. They don’t actually have trouble. They intentionally conflate the two for whatever their purpose is, whether that’s to demonize games, or to belittle those who have different tastes.

      2. They’re an easy target, especially because they like to pretend that video games are just for kids. They’ll take this stance even if they, themselves, are otherwise avid gamers, if only to further advance whatever agenda they’re pushing. It doesn’t have to be sensible or make ANY sense; it just needs to rile people up.

      3. I can only assume they’re giving in to the fear fostered by those with agendas. There’s a lot of noise being made, so they’re probably trying to avoid having that burning spotlight turned on them. It’s unfortunate and annoying, because it means they’re catering to people that aren’t even interested in the games with the questionable content- and thus there’s no negative impact on sales because of said content; meanwhile, they alienate the people who are looking forward to that content, and people who don’t care for censorship.

      I’m a fiction writer, mostly of sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not censoring my work for anybody. There will be as much violence, sex, and explicit language as I choose to have; I can only want the same for anybody else out there creating their own content.

    • fbeans

      You get off on kids, real or virtual….


      • Kevin Chapman

        Who ever said anything about getting off? That’s you guys endlessly spamming that comment. Not one person has said its titilating.

        Personally I find it hilarious.

      • J.j. Barrington


      • Jonathan Trussler

        As other commenters have pointed out,you still seem to have difficulty distinguishing “unusually large breasted fictional anime women” from “kids”. Your all-caps, hyperbolic refusal to parse this doesn’t count as rational discussion.

  • zblacktt

    See ya!

  • GoOd fOr yoU!

  • GrimmyReaper

    The idea that people are loyal regarding anything with these companies is a fucking joke and a blight on this industry. You should always look for what is the best for you, not what you think is best.

    If you don’t actually learn your lesson, then honestly, these companies deserve to squeeze every penny from you. Because you let them.

  • David Mayn

    Good article, I’m with you all the way. Sony now things it can get away with anything but I believe they’ll see how wrong they are during next gen.

  • rpgmaniac

    That’s the best thing you can do & I really hope more & more people follow your example, the kind of games SONY censor are heavy in fan-service material, people who play them like them the way it is & there is no reason to play them in a censored form, the companies who develop those games must stop releasing them on PS & find other platforms & we can force them to do that if all the fans stop buying censored games, so the first thing we need to do if you wanna put a stop in censoring is to boycott any censored game, this will force the companies behind them to release them on other platforms, the second thing you can do if you really wanna hurt them is to completely stop buying anything for PlayStation & find a different platform entirely for your gaming needs, there is no other way to fight them, as long you buy their stuff it’s like supporting what they are doing, censoring is out of control if you wanna put a stop to it then vote with your wallets there is no other way to make them get the message, if they prefer to cater to SJW, moral f@gs, feminists, religion fanatics & other vermin than the people who actually play & pay for those games then blacklist those mothafckers & that goes to every company not just SONY, never ever again spent a cents on any of their products & completely boycott everything they sell, the fight against censoring is going to be a hard one but we need to preserve else this cancer will spread even further so anyone who is against censoring start fighting now before it’s too late.

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