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dr. stone volume 2 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 2 Review

Dr. Stone concocts a dubious twist. In my previous review for Dr. Stone’s first volume, I stated “certain events” prevented me from disclosing the truth behind Dr. Stone’s opening chapters, namely to the effect that it was “tricking” its readers. With said hoodwink come and gone, it’s time to…

Azur Lane Review (Mobile)

Waifu Wars on the High Seas!   Mobile games are a sore spot for me. Mobile technology has increased to the point that modern phones and tablets are veritable powerhouses capable of running full console ports and emulating games almost as well as PC hardware. In the case of…

GRIP: Combat Racing Review (PS4)

Science Friction     The spiritual successor to Psygnosis’ cult classic Rollcage, GRIP: Combat Racing is a futuristic combat racer that throws the laws of physics out the window to deliver an over-the-top, arcade-style experience. Featuring wild course designs, a wealth of game modes, and a punishing difficulty, it’s a…

Rival Megagun Review (PS4)

Spacewave Software Delivers a Sublime Bullet Hell Battler   Way back in 1996, now-defunct Japanese developer ADK released a quirky little game called Twinkle Star Sprites for the Neo Geo. The game was nothing if not unique. It blended the addictive competitive mechanics found in match-three games like Bust-A-Move…

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Review (Switch)

NISA and Digital Eclipse Deliver a Respectable Retro-spective   SNK is undoubtedly best known for the Neo Geo and its stable of unforgettable fighting game franchises such as Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters. However, the Osaka-based developer was making a name for itself long before…

PSVR Adventure Smash Hit Plunder Brings Magical Mayhem To Stores Next January

Wreak havoc to rid yourself of a spectral debt collector in Smash Hit Plunder, retail PSVR version coming January 15   Indie Games Publisher Perp Games has announced plans to bring developer Triangular Pixels’ cooperative VR adventure, Smash Hit Plunder, to retail outlets on January 15, 2019. Set in…

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