Monthly Archives: October 2018

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Review (Switch)

Twice the Tricks, Twice the Treats     Nippon Ichi Software sure is going out of their way to celebrate Halloween this year, don’t you think? Between Disgaea 1 Complete having dropped earlier this month and us being mere moments away from the release of Disgaea 5 Complete PC,…

Niffelheim Review (PC)

No break from the harsh necessities of survival, even in the afterlife!       There’s plenty of fiction about Vikings that focuses on daring longboat raids, fierce battles and their mythical gods. However, not quite as much attention is given to the day-to-day realities of endlessly chopping down…
intellivision amico

First Look at Intellivision Amico

Out on 10/10/2020! Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live fame is dead-set on bringing back Mattel’s Intellivision, and he fully unveiled his company’s re-imagining of the retro console today at Portland Retro Game Expo. According to DualShockers’ report, the Intellivision Amico will marry modern and classic tech in its…

Splatoon 2’s Splatoween Event Live

Spooky squids! Who’s ready to trick-or-tweet with the Splatoon 2 gang? As of 6 PM EST, the game’s Splatoween event is live for two days — that’s until October 21st at the same time, folks. Not only has Inkopolisis Square been given a Halloween makeover (as seen above), but…
astra lost in space volume 4

Astra Lost in Space Vol. 4 Review

Life-changing secrets rock the Astra crew. The best way to describe Volume 4 of Kenta Shinohara’s Astra Lost in Space is — much like Quitterie’s reaction to the bluntest confession known to man — a series of jack-in-the-boxes. We open to the confounding mystery introduced at last volume’s end,…
katamari damacy prototype

Katamari Damacy Prototype Was Originally Designed on GameCube Hardware

Bear in mind: Keita Takahashi had the PS2 in mind all along. Wait, Katamari Damacy was originally designed on GameCube dev kits? It’s true, and that nugget comes straight from the horse’s mouth himself; by that, we mean creator Keita Takahashi himself. This is elaborated within L. E. Hall’s just-released…

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