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bethesda steam

Fallout 76 Skipping Steam Doesn’t Mean Future Bethesda Games Will, Says Company

Never say never for Fallout 76, either. There’s been some hullabaloo over Fallout 76 — an online multiplayer take on the famous post-apocalyptic series — skipping Valve’s Steam service, so Bethesda’s Pete Hines met up with IGN to clarify the issue. Hines emphasizes that while PC versions of Fallout…
warioware gold review

WarioWare Gold Review (3DS)

WarioWare goes back to its roots! Over a week later, and I still cannot believe I hold the return of WarioWare in my hands. As a former addict to the first three games on Game Boy Advance and DS, the ensuing decline in both quality and relevance weighed heavily…

Salt & Sanctuary Review (Switch)

A (Mostly) Sacrosanct Experience     It isn’t a stretch for me to say that Konami’s Castlevania series was an important one to me during my childhood and adolescence — particularly when it transitioned from platformer to Metroidvania. Don’t get me wrong, the classics were great and everything. But there was…

Freedom Planet Speeds onto Switch August 30

Save the day (and the planet!) with Lilac, Carol, and Milla     XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe have teamed up to announce that Freedom Planet will officially be hitting the Nintendo Switch later this month. Originally released in 2014 for PC, and later on seeing releases on Wii U…

8-Bit Platformer Nogalious Releases Today

Medievil Setting and a Retro Style! Spanish Indie dev Luegolu3go Studios released their vintage 2D adventure game Nogalious on Steam today. It’s available  for PC at the modest cost of $4.99. Nogalious pays homage to the 8-bit era of 2D platforming. You’ll battle through 5 different worlds of magical…

Ōkami HD Brings Art to Life on Nintendo Switch Today

Includes new touchscreen and motion-control features     Capcom has announced today the official Nintendo Switch release of Ōkami HD. Originally released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2, Ōkami HD follows the story of Ōkami Amaterasu, a Japanese sun goddess who has taken the form of a legendary white wolf, as she…

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