Shigeru Miyamoto Not Interested in MMOs

So much for that.
shigeru miyamoto

Ever wonder what it’d be like for Shigeru Miyamoto of Mario and Zelda fame to develop an MMO? Probably not, but even if you did, it’s not gonna be a reality. In his keynote speech from this year’s Computer Entertainment Developers Conference, one subject he touched upon was his disinterest in the rise of MMOs. As elaborated on Kotaku, Miyamoto’s reasoning was simple: he gets bored easily, so he doesn’t want to keep making one game.

There are other factors — he’s not particularly fond of the free-to-play model — but he emphasizes the likes of updates and maintenance aren’t suited for him; instead, he feels compelled to instantly work on his next project. In other words, if you feel a Zelda MMO is the next logical step from Breath of the Wild, you’re outta luck!

Regardless, we highly recommend checking out Kotaku’s article for more enticing tidbits, such as his reaction to Minecraft — turns out he wanted to make a builder game of his own!

What do you think of Miyamoto’s MMO rhetoric? Let us know in the comments below!

Anthony Pelone
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