Two Echo Fighters Announced in Smash Direct, More Teased

Metroid Prime 2: Echo Fighters

Dark Samus in Smash Ultimate

In their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, Nintendo announced two new echo fighters: Chrom and Dark Samus.

Echo fighters are a concept new to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They’re characters who have similar movesets but different character models and voices. For example, earlier this year Daisy was announced as an echo for Princess Peach.

Chrom is the fan-favorite lord from Fire Emblem: Awakening. He’s making his leap from assisting his daughter’s final smash into a fully-fledged playable character. He’s an echo fighter who mirrors Roy. Watch him in action:

Dark Samus, an antagonist from the Metroid Prime series, mirrors the original Samus. You can see her in this clip:

Nintendo finished this segment of the newscast by promising that every fighter would be announced before the release of the game. Don’t lose heart yet, Geno fans! That’s plenty of time. You can watch the full Direct here.

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