Castlevania Comes to the Smash Bros. Universe

What a Horrible Night to Kill Luigi

Simon Belmont in Smash

In today’s Direct, Nintendo announced they’re adding the Castlevania series to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This addition means new fighters, new assist trophies, a brand new stage, and a whopping 34 tracks of music.

Simon Belmont, the protagonist of the first two titles in the Castlevania series, makes his way into the fray as a playable character. We’ll also see an echo fighter for Simon. It’s Richter, who made his first Castlevania appearance in Rondo of Blood.

Simon’s new fighting style is characterized by his famous holy whip. While using the whip leaves you open to attacks, Sakurai notes it has a longer than average reach. When you’re not busy lashing out at vampires, you can also hit your foes with your axe, cross, or uppercut.

Castlevania will be represented with its own stage, too, of course. You can now fight in Dracula’s Castle, a dark and creepy area where monsters abound. Dracula himself will even make an appearance, although Nintendo was intentionally unclear on how he’ll show. Don’t fear, though. Dracula’s son Alucard will also appear as an assist trophy.

Nintendo boasted a full 34 tracks from the Castlevania series, so it’s clear they’re putting a lot of love and attention to detail into this. They also killed off Luigi in the first minute of the newscast, so there’s that too. Watch the trailer here:

Nintendo announced all this and more in their Direct, which you can watch in full here.

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