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Shenmue I & II Review (PS4)

HEnmue, SHEnmue, WEnmue…   I have played neither of the Shenmue games.  The series has always been a personal fascination for me given the reverence I’ve seen for these games, and the immersive worlds they present to the player are very interesting. Full of anticipation and curiosity, I booted…
spider-man puddle

Gamers Mad At Insomniac’s Spider-Man For Changing Puddles (Yes, Really)

And the Weirdest Controversy of the Year Award goes to… No, we’re not joking: people are legitimately mad at a perceived downgrade in Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game, largely surrounding the dubious erasure of puddles. Don’t believe us? Some days ago, a graphics comparison between the game’s E3/Retail…
Forsaken Remastered title

Forsaken Remastered Review (PC)

A classic game once thought forsaken has returned to our screens. Today, we’re a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to six-degrees-of-freedom shooters. Starting off with Descent in the mid-1990’s, the only other serious contender for the 6DOF crown was Forsaken back in 1998. Despite being a solid…

Fire Pro Wrestling World Review (PS4)

#NoTap   In the span of a few short years, between 1998ish and 2001 or so, I learned about emulation, Fire Pro Wrestling, and read Mick Foley’s book – “Have a Nice Day” in a relatively short period of time. They all changed my life. Emulation taught me the…

Destination Primus Vita: Episode One Austin (PC)

Destination Primus Vita: For Our Water!     I like to think of myself as a games critic who isn’t hard to please. All I ask for from a game is an original concept, an interesting story, and fun. But I can honestly say, after playing the first chapter of…

We Happy Few Review (PC)

We Disappointed Few   We Happy Few is a game set in a dystopian, retro-futuristic, 1960s England by Compulsion Games. I remember hearing about it through a Kickstarter campaign back in June of 2015. The game interested me as it had a Bioshock/Fallout feel. I had high hopes for…

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