Nicktoons Kart Racing Is Back In An All New Game

Nicktoons Kart Racers To Release In October


It has been a while, and as a 2000’s kid (so still a kid) I am more than thrilled. The classic Nicktoons and their games were a huge part of my early childhood. Games like SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom and Nicktoons Unite were staples of my afternoons. So, when I woke up and saw this announcement, I instantly was reminded of those times. Today, GameMill Entertainment announced that they would be publishing Nicktoons Kart Racers. This kart racing game is set to bring a lot of the classic Nicktoons characters back into one game once more. While this does remind me of the old Nicktoons Racing, I am sure this is to bring some new features to the table.

There will be 24 different tracks included, local multiplayer, a battle mode, and kart upgrades. I am personally excited for kart upgrades as long as they are done correctly. However, what I am looking forward to is the character roster. It has been a while since all of these characters were in one game. With the speculated incoming Nicktoons movie, this will satisfy my crossover hunger for now. Select Nicktoons series such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, and Hey Arnold! will all be represented. One character I am already excited to get some time with is Reptar. But, I will have to wait until October 23rd to play. Nicktoons Kart Racers will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and XBox One for a suggested $39.99. Do I expect the game to be groundbreaking? Well, not at all. But, the idea is definitely a fun tease for my nostalgia.

Brett has been an avid player of video games his whole life. He was immediately sucked in by his cousin's copy of Pokemon Yellow and has not turned back since. Now moving into college, Brett is ready to share his opinions on video games with the world.

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