6 Of The Most Overpowered Fighting Game Characters

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We’re a big fan of fighting games here at Hey Poor Player, and after a recent heated debate instigated by our resident overlord Francis DiPersio, I decided to put together a list of the most overpowered fighting game characters in history.

There are some absolute bastards in this piece, so make sure you read to the end and let us know in the comments if there’s anyone we’ve missed or should consider adding.



#1 – Eddy Gordo

Eddie Gordo

The Cheese Is Real With This Guy

Eddy Gordo is probably one of the most infuriating characters ever included in a brawler. Ever. First unveiled in Tekken 3, he’s been a mainstay in the ever-popular series to this date.

His character has a mastery of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art incorporating elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. He’s fast, agile, and easy to pick up and play with, and as such, he’s a favourite with n00bs.

With a press of a few buttons, Gordo can unleash a devastating tornado of spinning kicks, varying quickly in height, and therefore, breaking the guards for even the most experienced of players.

And you can do this, over and over again without having to actually to learn too many of his actual moves – and if I’m honest – Eddy is responsible for some of the most heated arguments I’ve ever had with my group of friends.

Here’s a short video of someone doing what Eddy does best.



#2 – Old Sagat


Did Someone Order a Fireball?

Can you watch the video above and not get triggered? Old Sagat and his never-ending supply of fireballs have broken many controllers over the years.

Hailing from the days of Street Fighter, where he was an unplayable final boss, Capcom finally let us get our hands on him and his fireballs in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition; and lots of people wish he’d stayed non-playable.

His signature move is his Tiger Flame fireballs (lots of fireballs), and many Street Fighter commentators state that his are the best the series has ever enjoyed – to the point where fireballs were nerfed to make them less effective.

Street Fighter aficionados recommend countering Old Sagat by selecting the fireball flinger yourself. A lick of fire will usually sort him out.



#3 – Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Why Don’t You Just Chill Out?

Right, before you do anything, you absolutely must watch this video.

How infuriating was that? Come on, now, really? I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat for a few years now, and I can tell you honestly, I’ve been on the receiving end of that from some of my schoolmates far too many times.

Thankfully in the excellent Mortal Kombat reboot and its sequel, Mortal Kombat X, Sub Zero has been taken down a few pegs and can’t spam his ice attack as readily now.

Or has he? Injustice 2 another excellent fighting game from the folks at NetherRealm, guests Sub Zero in the DC-based universe, and while I haven’t used him myself, Reddit is full of very angry gamers, screaming that he’s OP.

Maybe Ed Boon just can’t bear to make one of his most iconic characters average?



#4 – Siegfried/Nightmare

Siegfried from Soul Calibur

This Guy Is a Nightmare…

Nightmare or Siegfried wields Soul Edge/Soul Calibur, and in the hands of a skilled player, can be a right pain in the arse.

Wielding a massive sword called the Zweihander, his attacks are slow, measured and utterly devastating. Fans of the Soul Calibur series have mained Nightmare/Siegfried for years and this video demonstrates why:

Siegfried has been a mainstay of the Soul Calibur series since its inception, and if I’m honest, I’m quite a fan myself. I’ve been using him I played Soul Blade all the way back in 1996 on my PS1.

Combatting Siegfried centres around using a faster character such as Taki and getting up close and personal and preventing the German knight from attacking in the first place.

Although that’s far easier said than done…


#5 – Marshall Law

Marshall Law

I Really HATE this guy

I have a personal axe to grind with Marshall Law.

A good friend and I attended Eurogamer Expo (EGX) a couple of years ago, and being quite into fighting games, being ultra-competitive, and actually, not that bad at Tekken, I challenged him for a few quick wins.

Except it didn’t really go to plan. And it’s all because of those bloody backflips. You know which ones I mean? Of course, you do.

Marshall Law is a favourite for newcomers to the series. He has some simple combinations (did I mention the backflips?) that can be spammed by mashing the kick buttons. He also has a seriously deadly punch combo, which again can be instigated by mashing the punch buttons.

He’s horrible. And because of all of that he’s making the list. And none of you can change my mind, OK?

#6 – Dark Phoenix

Phoenix/Dark Phoenix

Rising From The Ashes To Be Overpowered And Annoying

Seeing the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix transition in Marvel vs Capcom 3 was pretty damn exciting. It might be one of my favourite things about the entire game. But like the evil Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix had a bit of a dark side (sigh).

She’s fast, powerful and can do a suite of annoying projectile attacks that made playing against her a bit of a handful as it was. Her weakness is that she constantly lost health, and therefore making her a risky character choice.

With a level 3 X-Factor, Dark Phoenix became pretty damn game-breaking. With the super meter fully charged she does even more damage, doesn’t take any chip damage and can heal herself with her super meter. And speaking of the super meter, after you healed her, you could build your super bar back up again with a few simple hits.



Anyone Missing?


Are there characters you feel that should’ve made the cut? It was pretty tough to sift through the suggestions the staff at Hey Poor Player submitted, as well as a few recommendations from my friends.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Since my Dad bought me a Master System after a stint in hospital I've been utterly obsessed with video games. Sonic The Hedgehog was my first love, but since then, I've not been fussy with genres - RPGs, FPSs, MMORPGs, beat 'em ups and sports simulators - I play them all.

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