The 7 Games You Should Keep on Your Smartphone

Get Your Gaming Folder Organized With The 7 Games You Should Keep On Your Smartphone


My pristine gaming folder on my iPhone!


Let’s face it, the devices we carry around with us every day are miracle marvels of technical achievement. Even though they’ve had their growing pains, I think it’s safe to say that our smart devices are legitimate gaming machines at this point. The mobile market is flooded with games, so it can be quite overwhelming for the scatterbrained gamer to decide which to hold onto and which to discard. So let me help with that! Here are my 6 categories of games that you should actually keep on your Smartphone so you can free up some space for all the things you actually need on it. (Disclaimer: I use an iPhone, so your experience may vary on an Android.)


1. The Daily Grind


I’m always trying to collect more characters in Skullgirls Mobile!


The Daily Grind is the game you’re addicted to and have to play every day. The developers got you hooked with its daily rewards system and you just want to make sure you hit those milestones every single day. Many of these games are probably what you’d consider Freemium games, where you can access everything for free, technically; but you can make a lot of advancement very quickly if you’re willing to depart with some dollars. This is the game you’re really invested in: maybe you’re even part of a guild and collaborate with others online to meet your goals. Simply put, this is the game you feel a little guilty for not playing at least once a day.

My current Daily GrindSkullgirls Mobile

My SuggestionsStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel’s Contest of Champions, Injustice 2 mobile


2. The Time Killer


It’s easy to get in a quick game in You Must Build A Boat.


It happens to all of us: we get stuck in line or in a waiting room and just have to do something to fill the time. Sure, we could meditate or read or maybe give our grandmothers a quick “Hello!”, but you’re reading a gaming website so you’re probably going to play a game. A great Time Killer is a game that’s super quick to pick up and play and is very simple. It shouldn’t take long to complete a quick game or it shouldn’t suck you in so deeply that you suddenly forget what it was you were waiting for.

My current Time KillerYou Must Build A Boat

My Suggestions – Tetris, Sage Solitaire, Drop7


3. The Competitive Game


I try my best not to rage quit when playing against someone in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!


It’s always fun to compete against someone. Whether it’s a complete stranger you’ve never met before or it’s your annoying sibling who swears they’re better than you at everything. Gaming can be a pretty isolating experience, so having at least one game that enables you some connection with other isolated human beings can be quite nice. These games are usually the ones you know the rest of your friends are playing, but if you can’t find anyone there are plenty of great games out there that let you go head-to-head with others from around the world.

My current Competitive Game – Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

My SuggestionsHearthstone, PUBG, Stop


4. The “Real” Game


Final Fantasy VI is a great game to have on the go.


Many of the games on the mobile market were made with mobile in mind, which means that they’re usually designed for short bursts of gaming and meant to be quick to pick up and put down. But sometimes you’re in the mood to really get lost in a story or delve deep into a classic game. Many classic games that’d require at least a decent PC to play have been ported over to smartphones and are just as good as the original. It’s always great to have something you can get lost in for a long trip or a lazy evening.

My current “Real” GameFinal Fantasy VI

My SuggestionsStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, any of the Final Fantasy ports


5. The Zen Game


Sudoku is always a great way to unwind… if you ignore the timer.


Sometimes you want to just relax. Unwind. Not have to put too much effort into what you’re doing or just do something that gives your brain a soft, calming massage. There are many games literally with Zen in the title, but I think the best games that fit these categories are puzzle games without time limits that are simple to understand and play. They don’t necessarily have to be that, but they should be your game of choice that helps you relax.

My current Zen GameSudoku

My SuggestionsUnwind Me, Drop7


6. The Showoff Game


The Infinity Blade series has always been an amazing gaming experience on mobile.


As I mentioned before, Smartphones have really gone above and beyond what you’d expect mobile gaming to be capable of. Sometimes it’s great to be able to show non-believers that, yes, you can legitimately do some unique and impressive gaming on the same device you get annoying calls asking if you’re looking for health insurance. (No. I’m fine. Stop calling me.) Having a game in your library that makes onlookers go, “Wow! I didn’t know a phone could do that!” May convince somebody to invest in mobile gaming, and more mobile gaming means more mobile games!

My current Showoff GameInfinity Blade III

My SuggestionsBastion, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Injustice 2 mobile


7. The Party Game


Playing Heads Up with friends can be hilarious and fun!


One of the great aspects of an iPhone is that it allows for unique takes on party games that allows you to have all of the same fun without the need to go out and buy a separate game or materials or even need to be at home! I can’t tell you how many times having a party game on hand has saved me and my friends from a boring wait in line at an amusement park or the horrors of having to actually have a conversation with one another.

My current Party GameHeads Up!

My SuggestionsScrabble, Truth or Dare

That’s a lot of games, right? Honestly, I’d say you’re good filling the above. Your Daily Grind will probably compose most of your daily gaming habits on your phone and the others will have you covered when their specified needs arise. However, I’m one of those weird people who just NEEDS to have their phone organized in a specific way and I can’t stand having empty space in the front page of a folder (again, I use an iPhone, so you may not have this same compulsion on Android). So these last few apps aren’t necessarily games but are pretty handy to aid you in your gaming lifestyle.


The Console Companion App


It’s easy to stay in the loop on your console gaming with companion apps!


If you’re a diehard mobile gamer, then this may not apply to you. Maybe you’ll want to use the AppStore App instead. But for all of us who actually have a console, I think it’s a good idea to have your console of choice’s mobile app on your phone. I have a PS4, so I use my Playstation App to make purchases, queue downloads, and check to see if my friends are online.

My current Console Companion AppPS App

My SuggestionsSteam, Xbox


The Task Manager


Habitia is a great task manager that’s actually a game in itself!


Lastly, I’ll suggest that all gamers keep a task manager on their device. Your backlogs can get quite lengthy if you’re not keeping track; especially with downloadable games and services like PS+ that give you free games that you can completely forget you have access to. This also comes in handy for tracking your progress on trophies/achievements or other quests that aren’t necessarily tracked within the games you’re playing. I, personally, don’t have a separate application that I track my gaming backlog with, but I do use HowLongToBeat (which, unfortunately, doesn’t have an app), which can be turned into an icon that you can add to your Gaming folder.

My current Task ManagerHabitica / HowLongToBeat

My Suggestions2Do, HowLongToBeat

Do you do a lot of mobile gaming? Are you as meticulous as I am when it comes to maintaining a clean gaming folder? Let me know in the comments below!

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