Nintendo Unveils Three New 2DS XL Models

But, They Are Exclusive To Japan


Japan is about to get some crazy new 2DS models. Sadly, there is no hint of them coming anywhere else in the world. But, for all of you handheld collectors, here are some systems to look out for. There will be three new models. They are based off of Animal Crossing: New LeafMario Kart 7, and Minecraft.

The Animal Crossing model is tan but the top is decorated with a light green Animal Crossing pattern. In the center you can find the series’ iconic leaf as well as the English name of the series.  This 2DS comes pre-installed with a digital copy of Toyobase Animal Crossing Amiibo+, or Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo in the west. This model of the 2DS will be releasing in Japan on July 19th and is priced at 15,980 yen.


Also releasing on that day is the Mario Kart 7 model. This is a much sleeker model and comes in a black with added red style. It will include a copy of Mario Kart 7 already installed on the device. This bundle will also be priced at 15,980 yen.


Lastly, Nintendo has shown off the Minecraft model. This one has one of the more unique designs and is sure to catch eyes of fans of the series. This 2DS is designed to have the appearance of a creeper, a familiar yet terrifying enemy in the game. Hopefully, this creeper will not explode. The design shows a blocky texture with some panels being raised and some seemingly lowered. This  will of course come bundled with Minecraft. What is interesting about this however is that Mojang Studios is owned by Microsoft. With recent news including their marketing ploy of “Survive Together,” it will be interesting to see how these two powerhouse companies will interact in the future. This bundle will be releasing on August 2nd and will be priced at 16,980 yen.


These models are sure to get fans excited. But, for now these are going to only be available in Japan. What do you think about these models? If they came outside of Japan, would you be interested in purchasing one? Let us know in the comments down below.

Brett has been an avid player of video games his whole life. He was immediately sucked in by his cousin's copy of Pokemon Yellow and has not turned back since. Now moving into college, Brett is ready to share his opinions on video games with the world.

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