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Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition Review (PS4)

We Are the Angels of Tedium!     I have an embarrassing confession to make. Despite all my geek-oriented interests and friendships I’ve made throughout the years, my scope on the Warhammer universe is very limited. Yes, I’m marginally aware of the basics of Space Marines, Space Orks and…
gungrave vr

E3 Preview: GunGrave VR

Does it live up to our hopes and dreams? Well…   Having not any prior experience to GunGrave whatsoever, I can’t say I particularly found myself sympathizing with the negative reaction to GunGrave VR – yes, it’s soul-crushing when our favorite dead franchises are revived only for gimmicky mobile…

Madruga Works Announce Dawn of Man

Evolution-Based Strategy Game Dawn of Man Announced   Madruga Works, best known for creating Planetbase, have announced their latest project, Dawn of Man. Dawn of Man is a part survival part city-builder game that takes players through the early millennia of mankind. Starting at the Stone Age and building up to the…

VR Adventure Game Wonfourn Released

EnsenaSoft’s Wonfourn Now Available on Steam    Indie game developer EnsenaSoft has announced today (June 18th) their official release of Wonfourn- their new strategic VR fantasy adventure game. EnsenaSoft has won awards for their previous games but considers Wonfourn to be their biggest and most ambitious PC title to date. Players of…

E3 Preview: Freedom Planet

A Seemingly Successful Switch Transition     Out of all of the games that I demoed this year at E3, Freedom Planet was certainly the oldest. Originally released in 2014 (I fondly remember playing it on my Wii U back then), Freedom Planet brought quality, high-speed action platforming to players all around…

E3 Preview: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Do you have what it takes to farm rice? After my time with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin in XSEED’s booth, I walked away uncertain of what I just played. Don’t get me wrong: Edelweiss’s 2D platformer/farming hybrid wasn’t without its charms, most notably in its core concept I…

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