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E3 Preview: Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal

More Body, More Bounce     The Senran Kaugra series has come a long way in the seven or so years that it’s existed. Although it originally started out as a series about good and evil schoolgirl shinobi fighting against one another, the series has since turned into… well… actually, it’s…
Super Neptunia RPG

E3 Preview: Super Neptunia RPG

More Neptune, Fewer Dimensions!     Out of all of the games that I ended up playing at this year’s E3, Super Neptunia RPG was the one that left me feeling the most curious afterward. Even after making my way all the way through the demo, it was hard to lay…

Downward Spiral: Horus Station Review (PC)

3rd Eye Studios Pushes The Sci-Fi Shooter Genre in a Bold New Direction     Last year, I had the chance to review Downward Spiral: Prologue, Finnish indie developer 3rd Eye Studio’s experimental VR zero-gravity shooter.  The game showed flashes of promise. Then again, this was no surprise given…

Life is Strange 2 to be Released September 27th

Square Enix Reveals Release Date for Life is Strange Sequel Publisher Square Enix today announced a release date for their sequel to DONTNOD’s critically-acclaimed narrative adventure, Life is Strange. The first episode of Life is Strange 2 will be released on September 27th, 2018 and will be a five-episode story carrying on from the…

Banned Board Games – Quest of the Magic Ring

Banned Board Games: Episode Four – Quest of the Magic Ring? In this month’s Banned Board Games we look at Land of Legend’s Quest of the Magic Ring. This fantasy board game from the seventies may not be offensive or crude like some of the games we’ve discussed thus…

E3 Preview: Gal Metal

Music to my Ears     It’s no secret I am very heavily into the video game music scene. Well, not “into” as in I compose video game music. More like “into” as in I’m a very big fan of (and picky about) video game music. Same thing, right?…

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