New E3 Division 2 Trailer

Dividing the Nation

The new Trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 contrasts the pristine life that people live within closely guarded enclaves while just outside scavengers fight for basic essentials like food and water. A woman is shown being dragged into a ruined playground where she is executed. A paper aeroplane innocently drifts through the air, revealing the message “help” so a group of heroic looking chaps kitted out with guns.

In Division 2 Washington DC is the setting for the game: an appropriate battleground between the tyrants who have risen from the post-apocalyptic chaos and the agents seeking to restore America’s tradition of liberty and democracy.

Tactical abilities are split into Sharpshooter, demolitionist and survivalist. It starts with the choice of a signature weapon that complements the rest of your abilities. As you grow with your signature weapon, you will gain new skills and syngerize with other players. Up to eight players will be able to able to participate in challenging in-game raids. Their plan for year 1 will be to release 3 downloadable episode packs. All of these episodes will be completely free. The game will be released on March 15th 2019.

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