10 Ways Nintendo Can Dominate E3 2018

How Nintendo Could Dominate E3



With E3 just around the corner, people are beginning to speculate on what we will see at the show and who will have the best conference. Last year, to me at least, it was apparent that Nintendo had captivated their audience the best with their Direct. I mean, Metroid Prime 4 and a console Pokemon game were announced for the Switch. That’s some stiff competition. But can the big N replicate their showing from last year? The company has been on a roll the last couple showings, so I believe Nintendo can, and I am going to tell you how they can do it. Here are 10 ways Nintendo can Win E3 2018.

10. Paper Mario Returns to its Roots



The Paper Mario series is held very close to many players’ hearts. Mainly Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is praised for its memorable characters, humorous dialogue, and turn-based combat system. But, as the years have gone by, Nintendo has strayed away from what gamers loved most about the series and tried to mix up the formula a bit. Super Paper Mario released on the Wii and fans thought it was good. But not great. Then, after 5 years of waiting, they were given the horrifying pile of dog poop that was Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Well, that’s at least how many hardcore Paper Mario fans would describe it. Then, 3 years after that, Color Splash released on Wii U and fans were mostly disappointed once again.

This series has an extremely dedicated fanbase that is starving for some Paper Mario. This would be the perfect time for Nintendo to go back to their roots with the series and give fans exactly what they want. They have already done it with Zelda in Breath of the Wild and Mario in Odyssey. So why not for this series? Even a reboot would be fantastic. As long as they bring back that turn-based combat that we all love and throw all the stickers in the garbage, fans will be happy.


9. Metroid Prime 4 Official Trailer


As I stated before, the Direct from last year’s E3 had the Internet going bonkers over the announcement of Metroid Prime 4. We had been speculating for some time when or if Nintendo would bring the franchise back. And, to our dismay, there was a teaser shown of just the title as if they were saying “yes, we’re working on it. Now shut up already.” But an entire year has passed and we have had no images, trailers, or leaks. So I have to believe now is the time for an official trailer.

The Prime series isn’t something to look over at all. The original on the GameCube is often named one of the greatest games ever made. So when something like this gets announced, you better pay attention. Now, Retro is not working on this entry and are taking a crack at something else that I will get too in a minute. It seems that Bandai Namco is developing Prime 4, which threw me off at first. But they did such a great job with Smash for Wii U that I have the utmost trust in them. People went crazy over last year’s teaser trailer. So just imagine how happy fans will be to see an official trailer. I know I will be excited.


8. Smash For Switch Launches With Online Service


Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch has already been confirmed to be at E3. But other then a teaser trailer and a release date of 2018, we do not know much about the game. I am sure that we will get a truckload of information in the Direct including new characters, stages, and items. But, what could absolutely hammer the audience with excitement would be a  release date in September alongside their online system. Nintendo absolutely needs a multiplayer game to release alongside the online infrastructure to push switch owners to purchase it. They can’t just rely on Splatoon 2 players because that game released last year and so many people have put it back on the shelf for good.

Super Smash Bros is Nintendo’s flagship multiplayer title that always sells incredibly well. So an extremely close release date of September would absolutely deliver the goods and make me and others actually want to purchase their online service. And let’s be honest, a bunch of NES titles I have already bought on other systems is not enough for me. But a promise of an excellent online Smash experience definitely does it for me.



7. Retro Shows Off Star Fox Grand Prix


There have been some rumors circulating over Retro’s newest game. And surprisingly enough, it might be a Star Fox title. A racing game to be exact. Star Fox Grand Prix, as the rumor suggest the title is, takes many aspects from Diddy Kong racing and will feature a story mode and boss battles.

Now as much as I love Diddy Kong Racing, this kind of disappointed me at first. I mean Retro is responsible for creating Metroid Prime, one of the greatest games ever made. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, one of the greatest platformers ever made. So why make a racing game? Couldn’t Retro’s talent be used on an entirely new series? But after some contemplation, I have to have some faith in Retro. They are an excellent development studio and has the experience to back it up. They have really never made anything under average. The Metroid Prime Trilogy is universally loved. Both Donkey Kong games were fantastic. They even helped develop my favorite Mario Kart on the 3DS. So while I wish that they were creating an entirely new franchise, Retro can still knock it out of the park with any game they get their hands on.


6. New 2D Zelda


With the release of Breath of the Wild last year, Nintendo has brought in many more players to the Zelda series. The game has gone on to become the best selling title in the franchise and is still flying off store shelves. So now that there is a whole new audience, it would be the perfect time to come out with a new 2D game for the switch.

A Link Between Worlds was a fantastic game and introduced so many new concepts to the series. It played just like an entirely different experience even though the over-world map was almost exactly the same as A Link to the Past. Link being able to warp into walls and traverse new areas was a genius idea that I think might stay within the 2D games. If that rumor of a Link’s Awakening remake/re-imagining is true then that could steal the show for so many viewers. So many people have Link’s awakening at the top of their lists when discussing their top Zelda games and it could recapture that experience just like A Link Between Worlds recaptured the Super Nintendo Classic. But if the game releases only on 3DS then we are going to have to riot.


5. Virtual Console Re-branded


Nintendo has some of the most cherished video games in their catalog and we have seen over the past 10 years that they love giving their audience opportunities to play them. Since the Nintendo Wii, every console released has had Virtual Console games in some way. They have even created dedicated systems with the sole purpose of playing classic games. But now that we know the Virtual Console is gone, what will happen to all the playable classics?

Well, if there is a rebrand and Nintendo focuses on providing great emulation to some of their best games, then we could see a reaction just like we had when VC was first released on the Wii. The emulation on the Wii U was a big problem to not only me, but I am sure many other gamers. A lot of games were significantly darker for some reason and it really wasn’t a great way to experience classic games. Now if Nintendo came out and said that they have created a great emulation system, dropped a bunch of stellar games, and even promised that GameCube titles were on the way, many of us would be very excited.


4. Nintendo 64 Classic Announcement


We have heard all the rumors. We have seen all the trademarks. It’s inevitable. The N64 Classic will be announced and it is going to be glorious. My favorite console of all time comes back – in mini form!

While the console has many games that would be very difficult to port over because of licensing issues, there are still a plethora of fantastic titles that could release with the mini console. So many people have great memories of playing the greatest couch-multiplayer console of all time. Imagine this. They release the N64 mini along with not 2, not 3, but 4 controllers packed in and you can play the original Super Smash Bros with all your buddies once again. What Nintendo has done so well with these classic consoles is tug on your nostalgia heartstrings. We saw it with the 80’s themed commercials for the NES mini. The over the top and zany SNES ads. And we will see it again for the N64. And there is nothing more nostalgic to me then booting up Ocarina of Time while holding that fork-like controller. Now the question is, will I actually be able to purchase one at launch? Who the hell knows.


3. Pikmin 4 Trailer


This is more of a personal thing to me. You might hate pikmin, but if they announce Pikmin 4, then Nintendo won E3 in my eyes. Well, they would have to announce some other stuff too but it would still be great.

I was a late arrival to the series. My first Pikmin game was the third entry on the Wii U. I have some fantastic memories of just laying in my bed, playing on the gamepad, and exploring all of what that tiny world provides. There was just something so relaxing about that game that just put me in a fantastic mood. Hell, I remember waking up really early in the morning one day, making some coffee, and playing Pikmin 3 for a couple hours because it put me in such a good mood.

We already know that Pikmin 4 has been in development for quite a while now. Shigeru Miyamoto was even stated saying that the game is almost finished. But where has it been? I think Nintendo has been waiting for the perfect place to release it and this summer seems like the best spot. How awesome would a full reveal of the game be, and then say guess what? Its out in a month. The big N has been announcing short release windows lately and this seems like an awesome move.


2. Dockless Switch Bundles


Nintendo has always loved bundles. Starting from the NES and on, every single console to date has had some official bundle. But what could make this bundle different from the others is that they could include a game in the bundle while keeping the price at $300.

The switch has been out for over a year now and consumers are playing their games any way they would like. Some like to dock their switch at home. Some enjoy having the combination of docking and undocking. But there is a large crowd of Nintendo fans who have never even taken it out of the original box. And this is where the bundle comes in.

A new Super Mario Odyssey or Zelda Bundle without the dock could be a big player. The dock is currently being sold around the Internet for about 60 dollars. Excluding it and adding in a game for the regular $300 could be an incredible consumer-friendly move and I have to believe would push even more switches off the shelves. But it does take the whole “switch” gimmick away so I don’t know if Nintendo would push this idea very hard.


1. New Mario Golf


You are damn right a new Mario Golf game would light up the E3 conference. The Mario sports titles can be a hit or miss a lot of times. But when they hit. They hit damn hard. And we are seeing this with the amount of praise the Mario Tennis Aces demo is receiving right now.

Coming from someone who has put countless hours into the Mario Golf series, it is time for another rendition. World Tour was a fantastic rendition but it has been over 4 years now since its release and I am craving some more golf. And once again the switch would be the perfect platform for the game. Take it to your friends house and play a round. Got the time at the coffee shop? Play a round. On the toilet? Play a round. Really, I can’t think of one scenario where I wouldn’t be playing Mario Golf on my Switch.

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