Monthly Archives: May 2018

Happy Birthdays Demo Now Available in Nintendo eShop

Time to get creating! NIS America has announced the official release of the Happy Birthdays demo on the Nintendo eShop. Originally released last year on the PlayStation 4 as Birthdays the Beginning, Happy Birthdays is a sandbox creation game which gives players the ability to create their very own cube-shaped world from…

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Squad Trailer, Special Edition Now Available To Pre-Order

Meet the faces of Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Squad E, Memoirs of Battle Edition available to pre-order from SEGA SEGA today released a new Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Trailer introducing the members of Squad E. In it, we’re introduced to the team’s leader Claude Wallace, the clever inventor Riley Miller,…

I Hate Running Backwards Review (PC)

I Hate Running Backwards Into Exploding Barrels      I Hate Running Backwards quite literally turns the shmup genre on its head. While other vertically-scrolling shooters tend to place the player at the bottom of the screen as they blast enemies and dodge waves of bullets coming from above,…
nintendo 64 trademark

Nintendo Files Nintendo 64 Trademark

N64 Mini, right?!? Not so fast. It’s that time again: as reported by JapaneseNintendo, a Nintendo 64 trademark has been filed by Nintendo. Said trademark lists applications for controllers, game programs, joysticks, TV play, and what-have-you. In any case, this means a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition — a N64…
switch online ban

Nintendo Enforces Online Bans on Switch Hackers/Homebrew Users

Well, you know what they say about playing with fire… Switch hackers, beware: Nintendo has began handing out bans for those messing around with homebrew. As reported by NintendoSoup, noted Switch hacker Shiny Quagmire found two of his consoles banned from online services, having encountered Error Code 2124-4007 —…
wii u coat

Fan Turns Wii U Into Gaming Coat

Talk about convenient!   Talk about crazy: DIY tinkerer Vince has unleashed the full potential of Nintendo’s failed Wii U by installing it into a coat! We’ll get into how it works, but as they say, seeing is believing: As seen above, by inserting additional slits into the coat,…

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