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Fox n Forests Review (PC)

A Fun-Filled Fracas In The Forest   Retro games and titles defined by minimalist graphics, once a rare and special release, have become a dime a dozen on the modern release calendar. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate well to a quality experience. Rather, the style is mostly served to…

Korean MMORPG Bless Online Is Out Now

Bless Online Has Arrived on Early Access   Players can now dive into the South Korean MMORPG, Bless. This game is a one time purchase MMORPG. This means that players only need to pay once to get all of the content that the game has to offer. While the…

Night And Day Release Window Revealed

Control Two Players At Once In Night & Day Based in Madrid, Ikigai Gameworks (I love the name) has released some info for its debut game. Night & Day: The Curse of the Red Witch is a twist on the simplistic runner genre. This time, instead of simply controlling one…
street fighter usb drives

Capcom To Release Street Fighter K.O. USB Drives

Go home and be a, uh, electronic device man. While currently only scheduled for release in Japan, these new Street Fighter USB drives should tickle any Street Fighter fan’s fancy. Planned to launch mid-June, these fighter-mounted drives surely recall bitter memories of 16-bit defeat, emulating the fallen poses of…

Moonlighter Review (Xbox One)

A Dream Deferred Almost 17 years ago, I got my first job Moonlighting in a small computer store in my hometown.  I washed windows, swept floors, handed out tools, took out trash, and mostly asked questions. The pay was 5 dollars an hour under the table – or a free…

killer7 Returns This Fall

killer7 Makes A Deadly Return In HD After over 13 years of sitting in silence, the cult classic, killer7 is about to hit PC via Steam. This action-adventure title will finally be able to be played with fully rendered HD graphics. killer7 centers on an assassin who manifests his seven…

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