Death’s Gambit Receives Release Date, New Trailer

Rise from the dead August 14 on your PC or PS4.

Death's Gambit screenshot

Adult Swim has announced it will launch White Rabbit’s Death’s Gambit this August 14 for PC and PS4. Death’s Gambit is a brutal action RPG following the journey of an agent of Death. The game is the commercial debut for LA-based indie studio White Rabbit.

This side-scrolling adventure takes players to the land of Siradon, “a vast, unforgiving land of dark forests, medieval ruins, frozen wastes and more.” Each area of the world offers multiple routes to travel between each other. This gives the player more surprises to unpack while exploring every corner of the stylized fantasy world.

As an agent of Death your task is simple: defeat enemies and bosses with the wide array of weapons in your arsenal. The announcement claims these games “demand creative thinking, strategy, and precise skills.” They also offer a word of advice: “get ready to die – a lot.”

Therefore it’s no surprise that the developers keep tossing around the word “brutal” to describe their game. Just take a look at what they packed in the trailer:

The cinematic opening depicts Death raising his next agent from the dead. Then the agent takes off on a gruesome-looking horse to slay and destroy to his heart’s content. In the gameplay portion, the agent goes up against all types of ruthless enemies. Monsters bare their teeth and bosses tower over him. Clearly the land of Siradon is filled with all kinds of stuff to kill.

While you still have several months to wait, you can preorder the game for PC now via Steam for $19.99. Doing so will get you the “Chosen of Death Pack” DLC. This package includes an exclusive shield and scythe. You’ll also get a new skin for your steed. You can head to this website for more information about Death’s Gambit.

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