Assault Spy Available Today on Steam Early Access

Assault Spy has your next mission, should you choose to accept it:

Assault Spy Screenshot

Assault Spy, the action game from Wazen and published by NIS America, is available today on Steam’s Early Access.

The game follows two agents on their mission to infiltrate a global corporation taken over by terrorists. Asaru Vito is a self-proclaimed elite spy with a major problem. His performance record is always being dragged down by his clumsy partner, Kanoko Yotsuba. As if things couldn’t get any worse, they’ve been tasked with working for the major company Negabot.

NIS mentions “business casual espionage” in their announcement trailer (below), and it’s a fitting phrase. Although contrasting a dreary office setting with the zany antics of its employees is a popular trope, it still works!

Assault Spy characters Asaru and Kanoko

Asaru looks way too determined to be passing for an office worker.

Additionally, there are two sides to Assault Spy‘s story. Both come with a unique main character and style of play. The first follows Asaru on his quest to succeed despite his clumsy partner. The second involves a “rowdy and reckless CIA agent” by the name of Amelia.

In their announcement, NIS boasts “stylish spy action comedy,” and “high-speed dash combat.” Players will find themselves dodging bullets, whacking robots with briefcases, and racking up combos. The more enemies you beat, the more moves you unlock. That allows you to combo your way to some stylish finishing blows. You can get a better look at the action in the announcement trailer:

Why Early Access? From the game’s Steam page:

Together with Wazen, we want to work with the community to create an amazing action game. We would like to share this process with the world in order to ensure this game gets the attention it deserves and as much feedback as possible. We feel that Early Access is the best way to achieve these goals.

NIS America expects the game to finish development by Fall of this year.

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