This Is the Police 2 Heading to PC and Consoles This Year

Put your hands up! There’s a new sheriff in town in the second edition of This Is the Police


This Is the Police 2

Sheriff Lilly Reed in This Is the Police 2

THQ Nordic published This Is the Police 2′first trailer featuring gameplay from the new strategic adventure game showcasing some of the new mechanics, including management of your equipment and subordinate cops and high-level tactile decision making in new turn-based combat. This Is the Police 2 leaves Police Chief Jack Boyd and the big city behind and follows the newly indoctrinated Sheriff Lilly Reed to the town of Sharpwood where she faces difficult and dangerous missions.

But she doesn’t have to take these missions on alone—in This Is the Police 2, you have the opportunity to put together a team of the best police officers at your disposal. Your subordinates now feature their own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and prejudices to consider before inviting them into your squad car on a mission.

This Is the Police 2 requires you to use strategic positioning, stealthy approaches, and accumulated knowledge of the terrain to apprehend your suspects. Players must participate in each challenge directly and make tactical combat decisions that will influence the outcome of every choice you make. You’ll have to think quickly and adapt your strategies and carefully constructed plans to make it through the dangerous world of This Is the Police 2.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below:


The risks are higher—there are no hit points and it only takes one bullet from a suspect to cost a cop their life. This Is the Police 2 allows you to strategically avoid gunfights using non-lethal weapons and equipment to help Sheriff Lilly Reed and her team survive.

This Is the Police 2 will be released on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and across the Xbox One family of devices.

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