Battle Fleet: Ground Assault coming to PC May 1st

WWII Tank Battles Back Once Again!

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Banner

Mythical City Games has finally announced a release date for the sequel to Battle Fleet 2Battle Fleet: Ground Assault and all of you will be able to purchase it on Steam May 1st. The new Battle Fleet: Ground Assault is taking a turn in a new direction with some unique systems that will allow for a slew of new tactical strategies to best your opponent. Battle Fleet: Ground Assault is dropping players into some of the best and most brutal tank theaters that took place during WWII.

The game will include historically accurate WWII vehicles alongside its tanks. Ground Assault will also offer a wide variety of environments with a wide range of topographical challenges to strategize around. Players can expect single player battles once more, as well as a fully fleshed out campaign and the ever popular multiplayer component. Players will also experience the new destructible environments, armor, and shell types.

Mythical City Games released a teaser to go along with this announcement. Watch the video below which showcases a multitude of fighting environments, the war machines that go along with them and last but not least, destructible environment and buildings:

So be sure to check out Battle Fleet: Ground Assault on Steam May 1st, 2018.

Casey Jones
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