Preview: Armed and Gelatinous has sticking power

Something something sticky situation something something

armed and gelatinous

Armed and Gelatinous was an easy first game to visit on the first day of PAX East 2018. It was easy because it was nestled snugly in the Xbox section of the show floor, in a handy area dedicated exclusively for indie games. It was also easy because one of the fine folks working on the game found me wandering the show floor like a lost little lamb and shepherded me to a whole new world of goo, guns and a mode that reminds me of Rocket League. 

The game was described both by myself and the developers as a sort of analog to Asteroids with guns. Here’s why. Between 2 and 4 players choose a color of titular gelatin, each a sticky globule with an adorable face. I was told they call the process “derpification” which I think is as great as it is reminiscent of DeviantArt posts I made when I was 13. Blobs chosen, the arena is set, full of junk to dash and break through. Destroying debris in space is a quick and easy way to produce ones’ own weight in pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers and any number of other armaments.

Weapons stick to your round, adhesive body, turning you slowly into a floating death machine. There’s no way to rotate guns around the body of your blob, although the developers said they had considered adding a power-up that would allow rotation to come into play. The game is a battle of power, as each kawaii snot-meteor can be killed no matter how much funding they get from the NRA- I MEAN, how many weapons they acquire. It’s a constant moving battle for power as the smaller globs of goo weave around the bullets of the larger, trying to take them out and collect their guns.

I was not good at this game, but better at the soccer mode I also got to spend a bit of time with. Here, four blobs split off and face off in a top-down basketball court. Or hockey rink. It’s an arena of some sort. In fact, one member of the game’s team said that, other than the soccer ball we were playing with, other “balls” can also be used. I put “balls” in quotes there because he mentioned other objects including a meteor and a toilet. Not particularly spherical, that last one.

This mode plays roughly akin to a top-down, 2-on-2 Rocket League. It’s great fun as an alternate mode, dashing about and hoping to get the ball in the other’s court. The one downside is the fact that no, you can’t get guns in this mode. But that’s probably a good thing, for sanity’s sake.

Armed and Gelatinous is aiming its gooey sights on a release this summer on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The team is also planning to put the game into arcade cabinets, with tentative plans to move them across California and potentially Australia.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s Hey Poor Podcast, will include a brief talk with Three Flip Studios, the developers of Armed and Gelatinous.

Jay Petrequin started writing at HeyPoorPlayer in the summer of 2012, but first got his start writing for It's Super Effective, a Pokemon podcast that happened to be a reflection of two of his biggest interests: pocket monsters, and making people listen to him say things.

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