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Hardware Review: Nyko Joy-Con Charge Block

Nyko’s Joy-Con Charge Block Keeps You Gaming     Picture this: You are having some friends over for a sweat-inducing night of Mario Kart.  Everything is set up. You got your chips. You got your dip. Oh, and don’t forget the chains and the whips! All that you need…

Setting Sail Again: Skies of Arcadia in Retrospect

Setting Sail Once Again Disclaimer before I start get things started. I love Skies of Arcadia. I cannot state that enough. It was my favorite video game growing up, and still remains my favorite video game to this day. While I can say there are plenty of things they…

Guns of Icarus: Alliance Review (PS4)

Guns of Icarus: Alliance Brings Together PvP and PvE to Soar to New Heights on the PS4   I want to say first and foremost that this is going to be a deeply personal review – both because I couldn’t write it any other way, and because it needs…

The Last DeadEnd to be Released This Week

Historical Horror Game The Last DeadEnd to be Released on Steam Game developers Azdimension will release their new title The Last DeadEnd on Steam this week. The game has been described by its creators as an adventure game combined with elements of horror and a first-person shooter. The game…

Frostpunk Review (PC)

To say that for destruction ice / Is also great / And would suffice 11 bit Studios first made a name for themselves with 2014’s This War Of Mine, which stood out by being not only a great strategy game but also a powerful anti-war narrative, told through a…
kirby star allies dlc

Kirby Star Allies DLC Characters Datamined

Spoiler Alert! Are you ready for some Kirby Star Allies leaks? Then you’ve come to the right place: a dataminer by the name of “LuigiBlood” was digging through some update data for the Kirby Switch game and found data pertaining to seven separate Dream Friend characters! Naturally, all of…

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