Rick and Morty #36 Review (Comic)

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Rick and Morty


While Rick and Morty Season Four may be in limbo due to various contract negotiations, the show still continues, if only in spirit, in its comic book form.

If you’re a fan who has been avoiding the comics from Oni Press all this time, let me first tell you that you are missing out on a real treat. While they don’t offer all the charm and humor that the show obviously does, they have their merits that hardcore fans of the series can undoubtedly appreciate.

Issue 36 has writers Kyle Starks and Josh Trujillo with artists Marc Ellerby and Rii Abrego of Adventure Time.  


A Jerry Bad Day


Rick and Morty


The comic arcs over a handful of stories, as per usual. At the forefront of this issue, we have Jerry and his horrible, awful, not very good day. The poor man just wants to get a very particular kind of paper for his resume (though one may argue in the digital age such a thing is hardly necessary) when a discovery about his old marketing firm literally sends him off the road. From there, hi-jinks ensue as Jerry get in one pitfall after another, eventually finding himself naked in his car, with three dead bodies inside, all covered in blood (Jerry included).

While “A Jerry Bad Day” is the veritable meat and potatoes of the comic, you’ll also get a few side stories to fill out your Rick and Morty experience, as per the custom for these comics, so don’t fret about not seeing the dynamic duo among the pages of their own story, “Rick Salon”, where I’m highly suspicious of a Doctor Who reference being made in the quiet confines of the underlying narrative.

Terryfolds and Terryflaps


Rick and Morty

Because this is a single issue, the experience is a short but sweet collection of narratives that provide ample laughs. However, they always leave you wanting more. It’s a testament to the series to be sure, but I find the
Rick and Morty individual issues so hard to enjoy, only because they end so quickly. Not all the stories are great, but most have no trouble transferring the charm (if that’s an applicable adjective for Rick and Morty) from the television screen to the comic page, and that’s something worthy of note.

Issue 36 excels in all of these endeavors, which is why I’m happy to be reviewing it for Hey Poor Player and you, our readers. If you haven’t taken the time to snatch up the trades for this series yet, do so at once because you are truly missing out.

Oni Press has definitely nailed the delivery for a series like this and Invader Zim. Their talent pool also makes me want to check out the rest of their library too, which I hope to do at the upcoming C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) in April. You’ll be able to check out my coverage there and (hopefully) see some more reviews of Oni Press material in the not too distant future after the event in April.

Final Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Rick and Morty #36 is published by Oni Press. This issue features Kyle Starks and Josh Trujillo as writers; Marc Ellerby and Rii Abrego as artists; Sarah Stern as colorist; with Cover A art by Marc Ellerby and Allison  Strejlau, and Cover B by Mady G. Rating: Teen, 16+; Price $3.99

This copy of Rick and Morty #36 was given to HeyPoorPlayer by the publisher.


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