10 Video Games That Let You Play As a Lesbian or Bisexual Woman

7) Prey

Playing as a lady Morgan Yu allows you to find out a bit more about the protagonist.

One of the main problems is the lack of diversity when it comes to people of colour in video games, especially women of colour who are also part of the LGBT community. So you can imagine my surprise and glee at playing Morgan Yu as a lady and discovering that she was previously in a relationship with another woman. And sure, Prey isn’t exactly about love, rainbows and smooching, so Morgan’s relationship with Chief Engineer Mikhaila Ilyushin doesn’t go well…

But even something as small as this can mean a significant amount to the right people. And it certainly meant a lot to me. So even if you aren’t impressed by how little LGBT content there is in this game, support Prey because it most certainly deserves it.

8) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ciri and her bisexuality are mostly seen in the books, but it does have a mention within Wild Hunt.

Ciri is the badass time-traveler who won our hearts back when she first appeared in the video game realm of the Witcher in its final establishment, Wild Hunt.

As she is just a little too busy running for her life from the pursuing Wild Hunt, Ciri’s sexuality doesn’t get brought up a lot of times. Yet if you read Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels, you’ll soon discover that Ciri has got her eyes on both the ladies and men, lucky them! She even gets a tattoo of a red rose to match her girlfriend’s, Mistle. And who said romance was dead?

While it isn’t mentioned abundantly in the game there is a scene in the sauna where women ask Ciri about men. In this scene you have the option to say ‘actually, I prefer women’ which will lead to some interesting reactions – none bad. If you look extra hard you can also see Ciri’s rose tattoo on her thigh, showing that Mistle still means a lot to her.

Aimee Hart
When not sleeping (which is...a lot of the time), Aimee is writing up a storm for her latest ideas. Hailing from the city Birmingham, she's had a love for video games since playing Star Wars Episode 1: Racer on the PC with her trusty joystick! Since then she's developed a firm love for RPGs and JRPGs and considers them her second love, straight after dogs. Her favourite games are: Tales of Berseria, Dragon Age II (don't judge!), Final Fantasy X and Pyre. You can hear her ramble about them @honhonitsaimee on Twitter.

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