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Overwatch League: East vs West? Not Necessarily

Or at least it doesn’t have to be. You may have heard that the new giants New York Excelsior, comprised of former Luxury Watch players, have won stage two of Overwatch League’s inaugural season. This comes after a playoff round upset where Philadelphia Fusion triumphed over London Spitfire. Or,…

Sonic Mania Adventures Episode 1 Is A Mini-Marvel

Sonic is back to his small-screen best Sonic the Hedgehog is back once again on the small screen. Episode 1 of a planned 5-part series, entitled Sonic Mania Adventures, is now on YouTube. Forget that bizarre Sonic Boom reinvention; this is the Sonic everyone needs. Even more interestingly is…
Beekyr Reloaded title

Beekyr Reloaded Review (PC)

To bee or not to bee? That is the question.   Though I love shmups, the themes do get tiresome after a while. We’ve seen so many ships zoom through space that its no longer impressive. Usually, fans have to resort to the “cute-em-up” subgenre for something different, but…
Penny Punching Princess

Penny Punching Princess Review (Switch)

Punch your enemies with hate and money in Penny Punching Princess! We always wish we could have some more money to help us through our lives. A little cash every now and then would really help us, right? In Penny Punching Princess, money is more than just the path to happiness.…
Ghoulboy logo

Ghoulboy – Dark Sword Of Goblin Review (PC)

Come together, boys and ghouls.   Everybody remembers the more iconic and famous platformers of yesteryear. Super Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hegdehog, and a slew of others always feature highly on our lists. But on DOS and Amiga computer systems, there were also many fantastic games of note. With…

Limited Run Games Kicks Off Pre-Orders For Switch Retail Version of Thimbleweed Park

Pre-orders of standard edition to stay open for two weeks, Thimbleweed Park “Big Box” available today and limited to 3,000 copies worldwide Indie publisher Limited Run Games today opened limited pre-orders for the retail version of Thimbleweed Park, the latest point-and-click adventure from LucasArts alums Ron Gilbert and Gary…

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