Destroy A Human Invasion In Attack of the Earthlings

Swarm the Attack of the Earthlings, literally!

Alien invasion is the subject of many a video game over the years. There has been shooters, strategy and puzzle games. Sometimes players gets the chance to play the role of the aliens themselves. With Attack of the Earthlings, developer Team Junkfish has gone one step further.

Attack of the Earthlings is a strategy adventure that puts players in control of an alien race. The Galactoil corporation of earth launch an expedition to find Planet X13. The goal being to mine the planet for its resources with a giant space drill. So here the humans are basically the Decepticons. In an surprising twist, the alien race have cruel intentions match the title of this species: The Swarmers.

Attack of the Earthlings uniquely blends stealth action and strategy elements. Even more unique is what the Swarmers require for upgrades. The titular human invaders’ flesh is the very source required to upgrade the Swarmers’ units. There are both plenty of incoming invaders and methods of execution available.

“i’ll be right back…..”

Taking the humans down is possible through a selection of maneuvers. Luring groups into unavoidable environments or jumping out of vents/lockers are two such imaginative tactics. Expect brutality and savagery. As the game progresses the Swarmers make their way up the drill to tackle the Galactoil hierarchy. The trailer implies a unique take on the heroes vs villains setup that allows you to be both for different reasons.

The cartoon-style also catches the eye, but this is no cartoon. And it certainly isn’t for kids! Attack of the Earthlings promises an alien bloodbath with little left to the imagination.

Attack of the Earthlings is available right now via Steam. A summer release is currently in place for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch this summer. Check out the trailer below:-

Kevin Kissane
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