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Rad Rodgers Review (PC)

Rad Rodgers is, well, rad! In THQ Nordic’s Rad Rodgers, you play as a kid, Rad, that gets sucked into his TV and into a world of platforming. Accompanying you through the world is your trusty console, Dusty, a foul-mouthed guide who snarks at you as you traverse the…

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review (Xbox One)

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Patched   One thing’s for sure, you can’t say Warhorse Studios is lacking ambition. This is apparent from the moment you first step foot onto the detailed vision of medieval Europe in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. From its bustling cities the satisfying complexity of…

Hacktag Review (PC)

The Joys of Hacking For Fun And Profit       In this cooperative stealth action title, players work together to pull off various heists of secure data from unsuspecting corporations. The first step in their intrepid new line of work is to create a customizable character avatar. The…
overwatte brigitte

Meet Overwatch’s Newest Hero: Brigitte

The squire of Reinhardt joins the battle! Attention, Overwatch players: a new challenger is entering the fray! Introducing Brigitte, the daughter of Torbjorn and an understudy of Reinhardt that’s joined her master in battle with defensive capabilities. The two videos below — a Developer Update and an Origin Story…
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Review (PC)

Get Along, Little Doggies   I think I can confidently say that I’ve yet to play a game like Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Equal parts interactive story, adventure, walking simulator, rhythm game, and RPG, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine makes a melting pot of these genres…

ESRB To Include “In-Game Purchases” Warning

Question is: will it help? With the lootbox controversy capturing even the attention of lawmakers, the ESRB is taking steps to warn users of in-game purchases. According to GamesIndustry, president Patricia Vance informed the press it will be a label akin to the “Online Interactions Not Rated by the…

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