Top 5 Mobile Platform Games – Run And Jump On The Go

Mikey Hooks

Mikey shorts screenie

We’ll start off simple here. Mikey Hooks is the second in a trilogy of “Mikey” games by Noodlecake. Players guide Mikey – who has a perpetual worried look on his face – through a series of short-ish obstacle courses. It’s standard platforming, with a simple gimmick: Mikey has a grappling hook that he uses in tight spots to surmount bottomless pits and other hazards. Though nothing particularly remarkable, this game is a joy to play because of the fantastic level design. It has you constantly running, jumping, sliding, collecting coins, and throwing hooks about. There’s never a dull moment, and it gives plenty of incentive to replay levels for speedrunning purposes. Definitely one to try.


Random Heroes Trilogy

Random Heroes screenshot

I’m going to combine multiple games under one heading several times in this list. Like I’m doing now with Random Heroes, which is a trilogy of run-and-gun platformers that pit players against a multitude of zombies and aliens. Levels are small-to-medium sizef, loaded with enemies, and contain multitudes of secrets. It’s fun to explore this game’s nooks and crannies while blasting away ugly creeps, but what really sets it apart is the slight RPG angle. Coins are dropped by enemies and are scattered around haphazardly, and can be used to purchase new guns, new costumes, and assorted upgrades. These all have different benefits and really help in keeping the experience fresh. All three games are definitely worth checking out, and all are free.

Delano Cuzzucoli
Delano is a lifelong gamer who resides in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. He's also a political student, artist, geek, writer, historian, skeptic, linguaphile, IT nerd and electronic music fan. An eccentric lover of the strange and beautiful who is equal parts harmony and discord.

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