New Overwatch Balance Changes Are Live

I will watch over you!

mercy overwatch

Or will I?

That’s right, everybody, the much anticipated Overwatch balance patch is live right now. Mercy mains despair and seemingly everyone else rejoice! So what’s in Mercy’s Resurrection ability gets yet another change. Before today’s patch, using her ultimate ability Valkyrie either gave you two instant resurrects or reset the cooldown if you had used it 30 seconds prior. Today, if you use resurrect, the ability doesn’t get reset. Valkyrie also eliminated the new-ish cast time required to resurrect teammates. It is no longer instantaneous. “The Moth” won’t be as fast now as her speed has been decreased fifty percent and, thanks to tons of outcry, it is no longer twenty seconds, but rather fifteen. Huge nerfs.

junkrat overwatch

You’ll like this one!

Tank mains and flankers, I can hear you now. Junkrat has gotten a relatively small nerf. He still has two concussion mines, yes, but the notoriously spammy hero will now have to be more accurate with where he throws them. There is damage falloff the farther away a target is from the mines, potentially saving your squishies and tanks from the intense burst damage.

What do you all think? Is this Mercy nerf enough to finally balance her? Will everyone else have an easier time with Junkrat while still finding the hero fun to play? What does this mean for League players who used to run other non-Mercy support duos? Leave it in the comments!

Zoe Weiss
Nerd by day and also by night, Zoe is a support main first and human second. Currently in Atlanta, GA, she loves naps, narrative-driven games, cooking, and blowing people up in Overwatch.

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