Tekken Blood Feud Review (Comic)

The Story So Far

tekken blood fued

The story continues in Titan Comic’s latest compilation of the Tekken comic series: Tekken Blood Feud. With a returning all star cast, this four issue mini series is bound to give Tekken fans some must needed action when not competing in the King of Iron Fist tournament themselves.

As stated already, a multitude of fan favorites will make some feature length appearances in Blood Feud, including – but not limited to – the entire Mishima clan and the Williams sisters. American hot(head)shot Paul Phoenix plays not so much a key role in the events, but is certainly present through the vast majority of these pages. Yoshimitsu and Ling Xiaoyu also join the cast early on, including a very minor appearance by the pro-wrestler King.

The story? It seems everyone is looking for Jin these days, G Corporation most of all. Lead by Kazuya Mishima and his head of security Anna Williams, the corporation is dead set on doing all they can to make this goal a reality.

The comic starts with them attempting to capture Ling Xiaoyu and Panda under the suspicion that they are already privy to Jin’s location. Before she can answer, however, the aforementioned Paul Phoenix and Nina Williams drop in to rescue her, carting her off to the Hida Mountain range where, it turns out, Jin is actually waiting for them all to return. Seems Jin needs some help these days as he’s not doing so hot right now, and this ragtag Avenger’s like crew is to help him obtain an artefact from the old Mishima Zaibatsu archives. The artefact in question only goes by the number “333”, and unfortunately before more details can be revealed G Corp drops in on the mountain temple to dish out some pain.

And Then Things Get Worse

tekken blood feud

Nice Pacman backpack!

Kazuya also shows up with Anna and some bots in tow, and one need not think too hard to realize that Kazuya isn’t here for a heart to heart with his one and only son. The crew fights on as Kazuya seeks out Jin, demanding the two fight it out. However, Jin outright refuses. It seems both men are having some issues dealing with the demon blood inside of them, but of the two Jin is having a far worse time of it. While it’s unsure who is more disgusted with Jin due to his unwillingness to fight, the team manages to escape (albeit King is left behind to an uncertain fate) and make their way to the archives.

After some eye rolling “this doesn’t look good/sound good” jokes while putzing around the archive, the gang soon realizes that what they want isn’t here anymore. Again they’re attacked, and again they have to fight their way out of a close situation – there’s absolutely no way you could mistake this for anything other than a fighting series at this point – but not before Nina is able to get one of the heads of the Arisa bots. Jin is able to hack it and find the location of the artefact he is looking for, which turns out was taken to the R&D department of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation.

It is here where the remainder of the issues take place in a literal all out fight of good versus evil, angels versus demons, and father versus son…versus grandson…in something that ends up teetering on the level of an episode of Supernatural towards the very end. I won’t spoil it all here, but to put it as simply as possible: things get crazy, and then they get crazier.

The King of Iron Fist

tekken blood feud

What’s so funny?

Now, I’ve read a lot of comic books in my day, and I fully intend to read many more. Despite the what many might think, there is a pacing and je ne sais quoi to good comic books that fans of the medium just know right off the bat. It probably doesn’t need saying that Tekken Blood Feud lacks that almost entirely. A quickly hashed out story set to capitalise on the release of the 2017 Tekken 7, it’s hard to not be disappointed at the lack of a deeper storyline. As stated before, the story in question happens only over the course of four issues. That length is generally typical of a single comic trade paperback; yet when trying to dish out a full story, it means there’s going to be a lot of detail lacking in what could otherwise be a great narrative.

Honestly though, that’s about what one can expect on a comic based off of a video game franchise, especially a fighting game. (And for the record I read all of the Gears of War books so I have a hefty sampling of game genre garbage to source here.) Most of these games aren’t even that well known for their story, so to expect as much from a comic book based off of said games is almost absurd if you think too much about it. And that’s about what you get in Tekken Blood Feud. While undoubtedly a wild ride, this isn’t something you’re going to reread anytime soon. One and done is it, unless you really like the art, which while isn’t awful, certainly isn’t mindblowing either.

*Begins Playing Headstrong By Trapt*

tekken blood feud

Ultimately, this fast paced, wild ride probably isn’t going to do anything for anyone save the absolute, most hardcore fans of the Tekken franchise, and even then that’s an estimate I think I’m pushing somewhat. The story gets more than a little exhaustive when it isn’t over the top ridiculous. In fact, I’d wager the only thing crazier than some of the concepts broached in Tekken Blood Feud is the hairstyles.

But at the end of the day I can’t say I’d recommend Tekken Blood Feud to anyone, not because it was bad, but because I just don’t see the point. The final goal failed in its execution (Jin wasn’t able to cure himself of the devil gene) and is missing once again. Now everyone’s gone back to living their own lives, all except for Nina who is on the hunt for Jin.

There’s nothing satisfactory in the reading of Blood Feud, which simply serves to leave the reader feeling cheated of a conclusion at the end.

No. I’m sorry, but your reading energies can be better placed elsewhere. As can your money.

Seriously, Paul Phoenix, how many hair products do you use to do that?

Final Verdict: 2.5 / 5

This review of Tekken Blood Feud is based on an ARC given to HeyPoorPlayer by the publisher.


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