Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Unveils Pre-Order Bonuses

Opening Cinematic and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet art featuring Kirito

Starting today, January 9, players that pre-order Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will receive various incentives for their purchase.

Players pre-ordering for the Xbox One or Playstation 4 through certain retailers or the PlayStation Store can recieve:

  • Sword Art Online Asuna and Kirito costumes and the Silver Assault Rifle
  • Digital Deluxe Edition Incentive: Asuna and Kirito ALO costumes and the Gold Assault Rifle
  • Season Pass Incentive: Guitar Launcher, Pink and Green Photon Sword
  • PSN Exlusive Pre-Order: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Theme

Players pre-ordering the game through Steam can expect the same incentives based upon number of pre-orders reached. At the first tier, players receive the Kirito and Asuna SAO costumes and the Silver Assault Rifle. The second tier includes the Kirito and Asuna ALO costumes as well as the Gold Assault Rifle. If the final tier is achieved, players receive all items from previous tiers as well as a download code to redeem a previous entry in the franchise, Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is the sixth game in the franchise based off the anime and the first game to be available on Xbox One. This particular entry follows a unique story from the creator, Reki Kawahara, set in the second season of the anime. “Gun Gale Online,” the virtual world in which this season takes place, is a notable change in scenery from the high fantasy worlds in which the past season was set. “Gun Gale” is a post-apocalyptic realm marked by a vast expanse of desert and the remains of infrastructure. According to BANDAI NAMCO, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will mix third-person shooter gameplay with RPG elements in which players choices affect the outcome of the story. Players will use a combination of guns and swords to battle robotic foes and use grappling hooks to zip from building to building.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on February 23.

Check out the opening cinematic below.

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