Monthly Archives: December 2017

BarBarQ To Launch Globally This Month

BarBarQ By Electronic Soul Will Be Released On Mobile This Month   Electronic Soul has announced that its new IO game BarbarQ will be released this month. BarbarQ is a multi-player, real-time action IO game. The player character is a ‘savage’ and competes against other savages in the game…

Nine Parchments Review (Switch)

School’s Out! It’s time to take your twin-stick shooters to wizardry school in this new game developed by Frozenbyte, the minds behind the excellent Trine series. However, you won’t be spending long there because shortly after the introduction to the game, the game’s wayward cast of students opts to…
Soldiers of the Universe title

Soldiers Of The Universe Review (PC)

Nationalism on fire.   First-person shooters have split into two camps recently. On one hand, we have military shooters: these tend to be AAA efforts with a high budget and an eye towards realism, both in graphics and in mechanics. On the opposite end of the scale we have…

Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 Preview

Making a Splash You’ve got to give credit to Dranya Studio for attempting something like Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0. Here we have a developer well aware of how popular shooters are, but also knows that not everything within FPSs are appropriate for players of all ages. Sure, there…

The First Class VR Review (PC)

Uneven production values keep this celebration of flight from reaching the stars The First Class VR is the latest piece of edutainment software to arrive on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Developed by Chinese studio Light & Digital Technology, it aims to showcase the origins of aviation and…
Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts Review (PS4)

Gang Beasts Is Still As Compelling As It Was 3 Years Ago Recently I reviewed Dynasty Feud, a party game that is both complex and compelling in its variety and choice. Now Gang Beasts, developed by Boneloaf, is another kettle of fish entirely and is what makes it so…

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