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Attack on Titan

KOEI Tecmo’s ‘Attack on Titan 2’ Gets Release Date, New Playable Characters Announced

Attack on Titan 2 to release next march, new playable characters revealed KOEI Tecmo today announced that Attack on Titan 2, the sequel to Omega Force’s 2016 game based on the hit anime and manga series, will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on March…

Games Media Brit List To Take Place Next Year

Games Media Brit List Scheduled For 18th May 2018 The date and venue for the Games Media Brit List have been released, a new games themed award designed to celebrate talent and achievement in games writing and broadcasting. The awards will take place next year on 18th May in Rich…

3DS RPG ‘Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology’ Gets New Trailer Showcasing Battle System

New trailer highlights the engaging combat system featured in the upcoming 3DS RPG Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology ATLUS today released a new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS JRPG Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. The trailer offers a fresh look at the game’s innovative battle system, which allows players to maneuver…

How Zero Punctuation Humbled Nintendo and Peter Molyneux

Now, if you’re looking for a balanced and thoughtful critique of the game, then what the f*** are you doing here? ~ Yahtzee Croshaw, 2014 A few weeks ago, when discussing my reviews, a gamer friend of mine described me as a “Yahtzee Fanboy.” While that phrase itself probably makes…
Ziggurat title 3

Ziggurat Review (PC)

Build it up to be knocked right down.   Remember Heretic all those years ago? That was when FPSes where known almost exclusively as “Doom clones”. Heretic was quite popular at the time, and has solidified itself as one of the greatest examples of first-person shooter action. But despite…

Dear EA: Stop Undervaluing Linear Games And The People Who Play Them

EA, I Think It’s Time We Saw Different People Hi EA, it’s me. You don’t know me and that’s perfectly fine. For a long time, I’ve played your games and enjoyed them, yes even Mass Effect: Andromeda, and to put it frankly: I was a fan of yours. But…

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