4 Things To Do For Your Favourite Video Game Journalists Before 2018

Have A Happy New Year…By Spreading The Love!


2017 has been…something, hasn’t it? Especially in the world of video games. What with loot boxes, EA, micro-transactions, Visceral closing down, Pyre not winning the awards it deserved (okay, maybe it’s just me that’s sad about that) and a whole slew of sexual harassment allegations within the industry, it looks like it’s been a messy year.

Sure the good has outweighed the bad, but there’s no denial that 2017 was not the year we were hoping for.

So, how should you end it on a high? I assume you like reading about video games, hence why you’re reading this, so how about spreading a little love and cheer to your favourite video game journalists before we hit 2018?

How? Well…

1. Let Them Know You Love Their Work

Video Game Journalists

Give your favourite video game journalists the ol’ thumbs up!

Sounds obvious, right? But no, it’s not. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t do this before writing this list, actually. In fact all I’ve done this past year is read my favourite articles, think ‘hm, that was pretty awesome,’ promptly clicked off and went on with my life.

Looking back I realize that maybe I should comment more. Letting people know that you enjoy their writing can make a difference, trust me. They might be having a completely shite day, and guess what, you’ve just made it that bit better by letting them know reading their article entertained you.

So go on, leave that comment. You’ll feel better for it too, especially if they answer back.

2. Share Their Work!

Video Games

Get them that street cred!

There’s nothing better than someone sharing your work with others. And no, I don’t mean shove yourself up the journalist’s arse, but not only do you give them the warm, fuzzy feels by doing so but you let them know they’re doing something right

Sharing someone else’s work is also a brilliant way to start up a communication with people. Like I said previously, speaking with people who enjoyed your work is really helpful, not just to the journalist, but also to you as a commenter. You get an open conversation between the two of you, and what’s more, enthusiasm is catching! Inspiration can come from the strangest of places… Even from commenters!

3. Follow Them On Social Media!


(Actually, a lot of us are kinda introverted, so a few niceties and a ‘how are you’ only now and then, thank you.)

Seriously, the last time I talked to someone who wasn’t my family was…about five days ago. Sure, it’s Christmas and you hibernate for the last six days, but still!

Tell us about the game you’re playing this week, a franchise that you really miss, an interest in seeing your favourite video game journalists do a bit more streaming if they can. Tell us the little things, the big things and the things you think we’ll love (or hate, whatever floats your boat) and enjoy talking about. Even telling us one of your favourite games is a plus!

4. Wish Them Luck In 2018

Batman approved luck coming your way!

I truly cannot speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure when I say that the majority of video game journalists are not in this job for the money. Why do I say that? Because being a writer, pay-wise, isn’t all that great. It’s incredibly difficult to make a living wage off it, especially for small-time journalists.

So wish them the best of luck! Because a lot of journalists don’t do the things they do for money, which is important to remember. A lot of people will state ‘this person and this person said this because they have an agenda!’ And you know something, you’re right.

Journalists do have an agenda: it’s called having a passion for writing, video games and all the bits and bobs in between.

We don’t do it for money. We do it for the love of it.

Aimee Hart
When not sleeping (which is...a lot of the time), Aimee is writing up a storm for her latest ideas. Hailing from the city Birmingham, she's had a love for video games since playing Star Wars Episode 1: Racer on the PC with her trusty joystick! Since then she's developed a firm love for RPGs and JRPGs and considers them her second love, straight after dogs. Her favourite games are: Tales of Berseria, Dragon Age II (don't judge!), Final Fantasy X and Pyre. You can hear her ramble about them @honhonitsaimee on Twitter.

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