ATLUS Releases New Japanese Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Trailers

Japanese Launch Set for May

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Banner

ATLUS has released two new trailers for the upcoming Japanese launch of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.

Both of the new trailers offer a much more in-depth look at the upcoming Persona rhythm spinoffs, and include details on some of the costumes, music, and story elements that will be included. Additionally, it appears as though the protagonists for both respective games now have canonical names. Persona 3‘s main character is named “Matoko Yuki”, while Persona 5‘s is “Ren Amiyama”. For even more information, check out the official list of details provided by Famitsu below (translation courtesy of Gematsu):

  • Atlus is making the best of the experience it gained developing Persona 4: Dancing All Night in polishing the visuals, action, and every other element of the two new Dancing titles.
  • There will be completely new songs.
  • There will be a new mode that replaces story mode.
  • The PlayStation 4 version of each game will run at 60 frames per second.
  • The gameplay system will follow that of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, but with brush-ups, additions, and removals.
  • They want to introduce crazy elements and colorful elements that cannot be done in the main story.
  • All of the members of the Atlus Sound Team are participating.
  • Confirmed songs for Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night include “Burn My Dread,” “Mass Destruction,” and “Heartful Cry.”
  • Confirmed songs for Persona 5: Dancing Star Night include “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There,” “Last Surprise,” and “Life Will Change.”
  • Producer ‎Kazuhisa Wada: “Character models are enhanced compared to Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and we’re being even more particular about dance motions.”
  • Wada: “This is the first time we created models of the Persona 3 characters with realistic body proportions. The impact of that is quite big.”
  • Composer Ryota Koduka: “Deep and serious stories will develop through these games, but we want to put in crazy elements and colorful elements that cannot be done in the main story.”

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are both slated for release on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan on May 24, 2018. Currently, there is no information on a release of either games outside of Japan. Are you looking forward to these games? Which one are you looking forward to most? Do you think that they’ll eventually dance their way on over to the West? Let us know in the comments below!


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