I Coleman Is Doomed – Episode 28

Agitating skeletons, bad rocket jumping, and more spiders than a Binding of Isaac run.

In this week’s episode of I Coleman Is Doomed, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

They are rage. Brutal. Without mercy. But I. I will be worse.

For years I have faced the demon menace on just about every field of battle. Mars. Earth. Jupiter. Mars again. Twice. I’ve faced every beast from the lowliest Imp to the mightiest Baron, carved my way through untold thousands of Lost Souls, faced the horrors of Argent D’Nur, and yes, I’ve even played Chex Quest. But never before have I faced such a dangerous, deadly challenge – a challenge that will test not only my skill as a gunslinger but also my wits, nay – my very soul. This is a question not only of whether or not I can play through all 191 levels of every Doom game and their associated expansions using only the pistol and my fists, but a question of whether my psyche can withstand the horrors of attempting such a Sisyphean task.

I suppose the only way to learn the truth is to watch the series.

My cause is just. My will is strong. And my gun…is very, very small.

Title sreen for I Coleman Is Doomed, a series about attempting to play through every single Doom game with only the pistol.

The rules are simple. I must play through Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, DOOM 2016, and their associated expansions* on the highest non-Nightmare difficulty using the following ruleset:

1. My only weapons are the pistol and my fists.

2. I can use the rocket launcher (or DOOM 2016 Gauss Cannon) to get around, but only if it doesn’t do damage to anyone.

3. Using barrels and any other environmental hazards, so long as they’re triggered with the pistol or fists, is okay.

*Thy Flesh Consumed for Doom 1, TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment for Doom II, Resurrection of Evil and the BFG Edition Lost Missions for Doom 3.

I. Coleman
I Coleman believes that videogames are the most important, most fascinating, and most potentially world-changing entertainment medium today. When not saying dorky, embarrassing crap like that, I is a game designer, science fiction author, and former reviews editor for the now-defunct GamerSyndrome.com with years of experience writing for and about games.

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