A Hat In Time Is Out On Console Today

A Hat In Time Is A Fantastic 3D Platformer 

A Hat In Time

One of the top sellers on Steam, A Hat In Time, is out on console today!

Humble Bundle, a brilliant retailer of games, ebooks and the like, proudly announced today that the popular 3D platformer A Hat In Time will be releasing today on consoles such as the XBox One and PlayStation 4. Not truly a surprise considering positive reaction from both fans of the game and the media surrounding it.

Described as “a true homage to the greatest 3D platformers and a love letter to the classic Nintendo GameCube,” this beautiful game (developed by Gears for Breakfast) has all the spirit and soul of old-time classics such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Which in retrospect, explains why Banjo-Kazooie’s composter, Grant Kirkhope, is working on A Hat In Time. A home away from home, eh?

Players will take on the character known as Hat Kid, a small space-travelling girl with lots of soul and a big heart that matches her enormous top hat. You travel the universe solving problems and protecting the world from a particular wicked villain named Moustache Girl. Players will join Hat Kid as she explores through diverse worlds, jumping and fighting through baddies and unlocking awesome new hats and abilities!

Some key features are:

  • Seven Amazing Worlds to Discover: Play through massive, fun worlds such as Mafia Town, Subcon Forest, Battle of the Birds, Alpine Skyline. There will also be TWO free DLC maps post-launch.
  • Exploration is Everything: Don’t be a stranger! Explore every nook and cranny to find some type of goody to help you overcome new obstacles.
  • Pick on Someone Not Your Own Size: Hat Girl may be small, but that doesn’t stop her from packing a punch! Defeat baddies to unlock goodies and fight giant bosses.
  • Yay Upgrades: Improve your weapon with new platforming moves and combat ability unlocks.
  • Put Some Pep in Your Step: Music composed by Pascal Michael Stiefel and co-composed by Grant Kirkhope, the composer for Banjo-Kazooie. Lose yourself to the beat!


Interested? A Hat In Time is now available just for digital purpose through the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and through Xbox Live for Xbox One.

To learn more about A Hat In Time, check out the accolades trailer of it below!

Aimee Hart
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