Fresh ‘Resident Evil 4 HD Project’ Screens Breathe New Life Into Capcom’s Survival Horror Classic

Two fans step up to do what Capcom couldn’t with Resident Evil 4 HD Project, new screens showcase huge update to Chapter 4’s assets
Resident Evil 4 HD

The Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition released earlier this year on PC, giving players a chance to experience Capcom’s classic 2005 survival horror title with a fresh high-definition face lift. Unfortunately, while it had a lot of potential, the end result was rather middling. The updated textures lacked clarity, and the added filter made them look like a muddy mess, falling far short of fans’ expectations.

Thankfully, two die-hard Resident Evil 4 fans have stepped up to the plate to right what Capcom got wrong. Known as Cris and Albert, this multinational team of modders have been working hard to deliver a proper HD remaster of Resident Evil 4, and the results are enough to bring tears to the eyes of any veteran las plagas-slayer. Offering an 800 percent increase in texture resolution and the addition of baked textures, which allow the developers to add shadows into new textures and easily incorporate them onto the stage models, Resident Evil 4’s Spanish nightmareland has never looked better.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Take a look at the latest comparison shots from Resident Evil 4’s fourth chapter, Separate Ways, below. Be sure to click the images to view them in full size so that you can really appreciate all of the finer details.

Pretty impressive, right? Those wanting to get their mitts on this upgrade won’t have to wait much longer. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is slated to release later this year, and will be compatible with the Resident Evil 4 HD Ultimate Edition. You can follow the update’s progress at the team’s official site.

So, what do you think of the look of the game so far? Do you think you’ll be downloading the Resident Evil 4 HD Project when it releases later this year? Be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know.


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  • PachterStation

    Some great memories playing CAPCOM games from Mega Drive/Super NES to Dreamcast/PS2 eras, but then it all went wrong. CAPCOM are clinically obsessed with Resident Evil, more so remakes. I’m surprised there’s never been a Power Stone 3, probably best suited for the Switch. All their other franchises, there’s nothing much I can think of that’s in need of a sequel.

    • Francis DiPersio

      Man, what I wouldn’t do to have Power Stone 3 on the Switch. HPP’s Mike Vito and I tossed that in the Dreamcast during a meetup a few months back and it still holds up like a champ to this day. Capcom needs to wake up and reinvigorate some of their long dormant IP, they are sitting on so many classics that deserve better.

  • Limit Break

    Like… what is wrong with people, right ? Nintendo shoots down that this here there and these people are STILL pushing this fucking BEHEMOTH of a mod for people to enjoy.

    Like… fools, yo still young, you have so much ahead of ya !

    CAPCOM ! Ye, you fool – watcha standin’ there for ? Throw them some money or something, officially support ’em ! What am I, your fucking business advisor, Jesus Fuck !

    • Francis DiPersio

      Seriously. There are so many games I’d like to see Capcom and other studios give the same treatment. Bring talent like this on board!

      • Limit Break

        Like we JUST saw Sonic Mania, right ? Like it has literally JUST happened !!! And now Forces is getting not so stellar reviews all around.
        The fans, dude, the fans. The fucking bloodwater of any series. Those people just can’t be asked to give a fuck, they just do it.

  • Soda Popinski

    Man, i wish non-pc gamers had access to this glorious HD version

    • Francis DiPersio

      You and me both, Fizzy Fast Fists. You and me both.

      • fsfsxii

        Isn’t it doable on CFW PS3s? I assume it would need a proper scaling to fit on a PS3.
        Regardless, your work is absolutely stunning, i hope the best for you and your team.

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