The Fire Emblem Warriors Beginner’s Guide

Not sure what’s going on in this FE crossover? Look no further.
fire emblem warriors guide

Update (3/29/2018): All three DLC packs — Fates, Shadow Dragon, and Awakening — are detailed here.

Three days have passed since Fire Emblem Warriors released, and while many Warriors and Fire Emblem fans gotten the hang of things by now, newcomers to one (or both) of those series may be a bit overwhelmed. While the game offers plenty of guides (such as a tutorial option to introduce new mechanics), it’s very easy to miss them considering how much information is parsed at a time, so that’s why I’ve whipped up this guide. Whether you’re still getting used to all the chaos or merely on the fence on getting Fire Emblem Warriors, we at Hey Poor Player got you covered in getting started properly.

Bear in mind this guide that this is a beginner’s guide, so you won’t see anything on, say, how to unlock Anna. We’re just here for those getting their feet wet!


So when I start the game, it’s asking me to choose between Rowan and Lianna. Who should I pick?


Actually, both characters play the same barring their unique specials, so while there are stat/ability differences between the two (Lianna is faster, for instance), there’s not a huge advantage or disadvantage in choosing one or the other. If forced, we’d suggest Lianna only in that Rowan’s voice tends to grate on the nerves, but you’ll end up having both siblings at your disposal by Chapter 5.


Wait, they both play the same? So does that mean other characters have cloned movesets?


If they belong to the same class, yes. While there are a handful of unique characters (Corrin, Lissa, Xander, Tiki, and Frederick), much of the cast share movesets according to class. For example, Caeda, Cordelia and Hinoka are all Pegasus Knights, so like Rowan and Lianna, they function identically excluding their special attacks. For reference, other shared classes/movesets include Lords (to clarify, Marth/Celica and Chrom/Lucina have different movesets), Archers/Tricksters (Takumi, Sakura and Anna), and Magic Knights/Troubadours (Leo and Elise).

At first glance, this may seem lazy, but it’s not nearly as homogenized as it may seem. Don’t forget the classic Fire Emblem stat level-ups are retained from the main series, so each character excels in individual strengths (not to mention other factors such as attack/running speeds). For instance, Takumi is stronger than Sakura, but the latter has higher resistance, so she’s the Archer you’ll want to eliminate Mages. Meanwhile, Lucina is weaker than Chrom, but her faster attack speed makes up the difference.

fire emblem warriors guide

By the way, there were a couple more unique characters, but they’ve begun to lose that status. For example, while Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates was initially the only axe-wielding Wyvern Knight in the game, that changed when Minerva from Shadow Dragon arrived as DLC. Ryoma and Robin also ended up sharing movesets, although we’ll discuss this further in the DLC section.

In short, yes, there was a catch to Fire Emblem Warriors having the biggest initial line-up in the series. At the very least, the differentiated skills and stats will make a definite impact on how you play.


Okay, but what’s the difference between Casual and Classic Mode?


If you’re familiar with how both modes work in Fire Emblem, then it’s mostly familiar barring a couple differences for Classic. Basically, if a unit is defeated in Casual Mode, they’ll return for the next battle, but if the same happens in Classic, they’re unavailable for all modes. Luckily, you can bring them back by visiting the Camp’s Temple, where you can revive them if you have enough gold. However, the Temple must have grown to Level 3, which happens after you collect 10 of Anna’s Mementos.

If Classic Mode ends up being too hard for you, don’t worry: you can switch to Casual Mode, albeit at the cost of being unable to switch back. Also, just like in the actual Fire Emblem games, you can simply reset if a character dies and the game will be none the wiser.


So I got a C-Rank for a Lissa and Robin support, but no Support Conversation came up. They’re in this game, right?


They are! But Support Conversations only happen at the A+ level; in other words, there’s only one conversation per pair, so you’ll have to work quite a bit to see your favorite characters shoot the breeze.

However, even if characters’ support levels grow, that doesn’t mean they’ll have a Support Conversation. If a pair reaches A+ level that means you’re about to watch a Support Conversation, but in non-Support Conversation pairs like Lianna and Lissa, they’ll simply top at A. But even if there’s no support conversation, you’ll still want to forge supports to collect character-exclusive materials.


What exactly does Pair-Up do in this game?


Pair-Up is an extremely useful function for Fire Emblem Warriors. For one thing, all the benefits from Awakening and Fates return: not only does the Vanguard’s stats increase, but the Support unit can chip in for manual attacks, automatic defense, and even participate in combo special attacks should both their warrior gauges be full.  Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to build supports as you smash the opposition, so pair up with a compatible buddy and watch the sparks fly!

fire emblem warriors guide

And just like those two games, it’s also a great way to “rescue” units on the verge of death. Switch to another characterr, dash to the unit in trouble, and pair up to let them rest up as your new Vanguard takes care of the rest.

By the way, not only can you pair up with CPU units, but any Support Character can level up while in your care, too.


Oh yeah, how do I heal?


Healing items such as vulneraries, concoctions and the like also return, and just like in Fire Emblem, you have to equip them onto your character via the Convoy. To use them in battle, simply press the shoulder buttons and press A, but remember, they’re in limited quantity! You can also pick up healing tonics on the field via pots and enemy drops.

Healers such as Lissa, Sakura and Elise can heal via staves. While they do this as CPUs (remember you can order them to heal from the pause map!), you may want to consider including at least one playable healer in each team. However, remember that not only is there a limit to this method, but healers cannot heal themselves via staves, although they still have access to items.

Finally, remember that stepping into any of your bases can slowly heal you over time. However, bear in mind this is also true for enemy captains and bosses, so you may want to consider taking over the base (this is always done by defeating the base’s captain) or luring/knocking them out of their bases (especially if you’re at a weapon disadvantage).


Is there any way to change units before heading into battle? I unlocked Robin, but he’s not showing up on the map!


That got me too! Just like the Fire Emblem games, however, you can select who can go into battle as playable/CPU units. On the pre-battle map, just move the cursor over to any character you want to switch, press X for “other,” select “Set Unit”, and select your unit of choice. Still, isn’t that weird Robin wasn’t a default choice?

fire emblem warriors guide

By the way, you’ll certainly want to make sure you’re paying attention to the map in battle, especially whenever you’re ordering units to take down forts and whatnot. Keep the Weapon Triangle in mind: sword beats axe, lance beats sword, and axe beats lance.


So, uh, what’s with the History Maps?


Basically, it’s this game’s version of Hyrule Warriors‘s Adventure Maps, where the maps are based off classic Fire Emblem battlegrounds. They’re gradually unlocked after you complete the respective Awakening/Fates/Shadow Dragon scenarios in the story mode, and each battle has its own sets of rules and restrictions: for example, some matches simply test how many foes you can defeat in ten minutes, where others only allow archers. And they’re divided into levels, too, so you’ll definitely want to pick your units carefully.

By the way, this is where the Arena matches are. They’re consecutive battles that can definitely wear you down, so plan and prepare accordingly before taking them on (may I suggest healing items?). Regardless, History Maps  are where the majority of Master Seals are (alongside certain unlockable characters), so you’ll certainly be spending much time within.


Okay, I know the game only focuses on Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates, but Ike’s still gonna be DLC, right?


Sadly, no. As we previously reported, characters from entries such as Path of Radiance and The Binding Blade won’t be considered until a potential sequel, so only new characters from those three games will make appearances. In case you didn’t know, all nine characters have been revealed and, as of March 28th, 2018, are all available:

Fire Emblem Fates: Azura, Oboro and Niles.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon: Navarre, Minerva and Linde.

Fire Emblem Awakening: Tharja, Owain and Olivia.

fire emblem warriors guide

It was earlier mentioned most of these characters borrow movesets from the game’s initial cast; for example, Owain and Navarre make appearances as CPU allies, and it’s been confirmed they respectively replicate Ryoma and Lyn’s moves; naturally, the same holds true with their playable appearances. Niles shares his attacks with the archers, and Tharja the same for Robin.

However, Azura and Oboro have new movesets thanks to the lack of ground-based lance units in the base game, and they even differ from each other! And unlike what we initially guessed, Linde’s moveset is completely separate from Robin’s. Olivia, too, is a unique character, combining her swordplay with a unique dancing flair. (Oh, and speaking of dancing, both Azura and Olivia can Sing/Dance to boost Warrior/Awakening gauges of nearby allies.)

Oh, and the DLC will last up through this Spring (Fates being released last December, Shadow Dragon for February and Awakening for March). Given the simultaneous launches of both Switch/3DS versions as opposed to the later release of Hyrule Warriors Legends, you shouldn’t expect the DLC life to last that long.


That’s all, folks!


fire emblem warriors guide

So that’s all the tips we have to offer for Fire Emblem Warriors. It can be a little busy, but with our guide at your side, you’ll be obliterating armies in no time! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate t ask in the comments below!

(By the way, isn’t Tiki and her accent just the cutest? Look at ’em green eyes!)

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