Kirby Super Star Had A Cut Horror Game

kirby super star

In the sixth and final Developer Interview for the Super Nintendo Classic, Kirby/Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai revealed a lost sub-game for the 1996 classic Kirby Super Star: a horror game! According to Sakurai, this was to be a totally different kind of Kirby game involving a spooky mansion, where a curse seals Kirby’s mouth and he’d be unable to gain Copy Abilities. While work on it never began, it was planned to be a puzzle-adventure game involving clever use of the environment; for example, Kirby could turn into Fire Kirby via a candle.

So what was the name of this cut game? Well, what’s interesting is Nintendo’s translation/localization team retained many of the sub-games’ Japanese names for context (such as “Setsuna no Mikiri,” or “Samurai Kirby” for when Sakurai discusses how he drew the logo), so we’re treated the name “Kagero Mansion.” As pointed out by Source Gaming, one possible translation could be “The Boiling Mansion,” but it’s anyone’s guess what that could mean. Perhaps it would’ve been filled with candles?

Regardless, it’s a shame it never got off the ground, and it’s even more curious Kagero Mansion wasn’t resurrected for the Kirby Super Star Ultra DS remake. However, that it wasn’t a high priority implies Sakurai knew there wasn’t much to the concept; as pointed out in the interview, Kirby games are generally slower than Mario, so perhaps it was just too slow for Kirby?

Would you like to see Kagero Mansion be revived for a new Kirby? Let us know in the comments below!

Anthony Pelone
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